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Surprise, Me?

It’s a very good idea to regularly check your name on Google; especially now since search engines show so much personal information.  With that in mind, I decided to once again research my name and discovered that something I had … Continue reading

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Help Any Way You Can

Help comes in all sizes and shapes.  Rich philanthropists donate money, and some even do more than that by giving their time to help others:  dishing out food for the homeless, building homes like President Jimmy Carter does…  My wonderful … Continue reading

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McAfee, Can Ya Hear Me?

Well I’ve been offline for almost a week because of numerous reasons — my eyes being one, but the biggest reason is: McAfee security software will not properly load on this computer! I wouldn’t even be using this computer if … Continue reading

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Shot Put

Cowering in the doctor’s chair waiting for the needle. Though I know I need it — still don’t want it! I brace for what is to come, but first the damn specula must be in place to keep my eye … Continue reading

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Are You Listening?

Bartenders aren’t the only ones to listen to our woes. There’s barbers and beauticians, doctor’s assistants; nurses too. Actually just about anyone who’ll listen when we need them will do…   Just think of the poor guy on the train … Continue reading

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How Feisty Learned To Pee

Been reminiscing lately about childhood angst and silly endeavours; so I decided I would share some of them with you.  I had a male miniature silver poodle named Monsieur Feisty (Feisty Booger for short).  Being a male that was not surrounded by other males … Continue reading

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I’m A Person Not A Robot, Jim!

I can hear ol’ Bones saying the words:  “I’m a person not a robot, Jim!”  Why do I hear those words, you ask?  Well I’ll tell ya.  It’s because I was trying to add some comments on a writing buddy’s … Continue reading

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Force Full

Force yourself to go outside although you don’t want to We know you’re not hiding away We realize you just don’t want to But you must or you will wilt away just like the flower on the vine.

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Our differences drive a wedge between us But isn’t it enough to know we realize this and can work and bridge accordingly?

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Stroke Exhibit

People pass me as I stare into space unable to move my head — let alone speak. I wordlessly pray for God’s grace and intervention as more people pass. Finally, in desperation, I succumb to the blackness enveloping my face… … Continue reading

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