Phone Tag, I Hate You

For the past week I’ve been playing phone tag with a Social Security Rep. You know the scenario, she calls and leaves a message; I call and leave one…  Well all that changed Monday when I called again and left another message and stayed home waiting for the call back which occurred at 8:15 am Tuesday (April 21) morning. 

I wasn’t prepared for such an early call back and was in the kitchen getting some ice tea at the time. By the time I reached for my cell I had cut the lady off (which is something I do quite often with my cell). I quickly called back and heard the annoying “The office is currently closed…” so I tried to connect with the rep’s extension, and after calling back 3 times I finally succeeded. She’s a very nice lady and I may get lucky and get a little disability stipend if Social Security agrees that I really can’t see out of my right eye (unless you consider grayish white blobs).

Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from a rep at the Mobile Social Security Office re my disability claim. I answered her questions and she asked if I were willing to see an eye doctor of their choosing. I said yes, and now I’m hoping that if I do they’ll pay for it. Meanwhile the worst that can happen is I won’t get any disability, but my little Social Security check will pay for my Medicare Part B. Can’t wait to get my $238 May 1 which will decrease when Medicare starts in July.

Now what can I spend this money windfall on? Oh yeah, groceries. Onward…

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Random Photos


Love the mats in the Ladies bathroom in Dothan’s Flowers Hosp. Won ‘t have to worry about slipping in here.


Me. Could another hair cut be in my future?


Mom, Dad, Sis, me (bottom left) my neice Nikki and Feisty Dog sometime in the ’70s


His & her sinks in an Abbeville, AL restaurant


My phone is challenging my techno ability today (in case you’re wondering why the toilet photo’s on top and this blurb’s located here). Have a great day! Onward…

My inhaler. Yeah the doctor finally believed me.


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Ha Ha I Beat You

Tomorrow is that dreaded April 15th; the day that once ushered in visions of flowers blooming and birds singing to celebrate Spring. Now this blighted day brings nightmares of people dressed in black with hands outstreached screaming “Pay me!”

For many, April 15th is a day of dread, and I was worried that I would be one of those people. I haven’t slept in my bed for almost 2 months because it’s been piled up with envelopes containing last year’s receipts.

I had procrastinated (as usual) because I didn’t want to face the daunting task of figuring my taxes; so when I finally did go to the library to pick up the forms, imagine my shock to discover there were no forms available! So, once again I ignored the gut churning feeling that I really should do something about my taxes.

I was so good at ignoring my common sense that I almost missed the filing deadline. Now I could rationalize my excuses, but what’s the point. I just didn’t want to do it because it makes my eyes burn and I wind up seeing through a fog (if I’m lucky). If my luck decides to desert me, I’m left with wavy lines flowing like little streams before my face (which might not be too bad, except it disrupts my equilibrium).

Just about the time I was remotivated to work on compiling receipts my printer died, and that distressed me because I’m not a flexible person. (I’ve been trying for years to overcome this, and I think I’ve improved… Honest!)

Every time I’d enter my bedroom, I’d glance at the envelopes, and sometimes I’d even move them around to make room for me to sit, but I just couldn’t get motivated to tally anything up. (I mean my eyes would ache just thinking about it).

Sis kept telling me to file an extension so I could stop obsessing about those little envelopes; so I finally decided to research what I needed to do. Surprise, by the time I’d finish figuring out what my tax liability would be, I could have the 1040 filled out ready for mailing. It’s been a long day and I even power napped on the couch for 4 hours (when I could no longer tolerate the burning eyes and wavy lines haunting me), but I’m Done ’til next year. Take that Tax Man!



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Missing Pieces

 My son Bernard (bearded one) with his 1/2 brother Walter during their very first meeting. (Photo courtesy of my wonderful daughter-in-law, Alexa).


There’s a hole in my heart that only you can fill.

I’ve known of you for years but never imagined how it would feel to finally meet and greet you.

Since I was little I’ve yearned for you wondering what it would be like to see you and speak your name.

Today that day has finally come and I’m so greatful for this moment. Welcome into my life, Brother.


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Whew! What a week this had been: “Old Age” sneaking up on me whether I like it or not. It was bad enough to know that I might wind up with macular degeneration due to heredity, but I’d always hoped to have good, strong lungs. Alas it seems that’s not the case.

Years ago, while living in Cahokia, IL in the highly polluted industrial St. Louis Metro Area, I watched my father slowly succumb to COPD tethered to what he called “his umbilical cord” (his air machine and portable oxygen). I watched him slowly wither away until he was fighting for every breath and swore I would not do that.

I left Illinois and moved down here almost 10 years ago (leaving most of my family and friends behind) because I knew the climate and pollution was slowly killing me. What I didn’t know was that eventually what I’d attempted to escape would sneak up on me and rob me of my quality of life.

I can’t help wondering if Dad would have chosen oxygen if he’d known what the remainder of his life would be? And, what am I going to do when the doctor contacts me and tells me I flunked my pulmonary function test. (It only took me 2 years to convince him that I had a problem.)

That’s the thing about Life Changes; sometimes we all hope we’ll be wrong, and only time can tell if we are. Onward…

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Thank Y’all 

Thank you so much for following my blog and helping me keep my sanity during this roller coaster “eye” ride. You will never know just how much your fellowship helps keep me sane.



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April Fools!

Somehow it seems fitting that today should be the day I’m forced to sign up for Medicare. Trust me; I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t the law, but President Clinton forced federal employees into Medicare back in the ’80s so alas I have no choice. 

I just love how these websites tell you filling out the online form only takes a short while. (That’s like telling a child not to worry cause the shot won’t hurt). Well I have been agonizing over this for sometime, but knew there was no way to get out of it. I decided applying online would be easier than driving to Dothan, and time will tell if I was right or not.

You cannot sign up for Medicare at cause that would be too simple! You have to go to the Social Security website. That would be simple too if you could just sign up for Medicare, but you have to fill out the form as if you’re signing up for Social Security. And the website states that it should only take about a half hour (maybe if you’re a robot or computer). 

I began filling out my form around 6pm, and had to keep closing it out and reopening it every time I got to another section. Whenever I got to an explanation section, I kept typing “I’m only applying for Medicare because the law requires it.” I finally finished about 9:15 pm, and have learned that I’ll probably wind up going to Dothan so I can verify that I really need disability because of all my eye shots. And I only did this because “It’s the law!” Onward?

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