Miss Me?

You’re gonna miss me when you’re gone. I know you don’t believe me, but just you wait and see.

The feelings will sneak up on you when you least expect it. Like in that quiet moment when you’re falling into sleep or standing at the kitchen sink.

I know this to be true because I’ll miss you too.

This is dedicated to The Kids and their new Dothan adventures.

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Ode To The Empty Home

I walk these empty rooms

Void of smiles and laughter 

Trying to adjust to the emptiness

That complements my vision

How long it will take for me to adjust

Is a curious question 

But now I wait and mourn

For those results 

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What it takes for a Clydesdale to be on the Budweiser Hitch


I miss visiting Grant’s Farm.

Originally posted on kplr11.com:

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BOONVILLE, MO (KPLR) – Warm Springs Ranch in Boonville, Missouri, is the breeding facility for the world famous Budweiser Clydesdales and where they are eagerly anticipating their spring baby boom.  According to John Soto, the breeding farm supervisor, they have 32 mares that are due and five have been born so far. They monitor their mares very closely with television monitors in every stall and special technology that alerts them with an alarm system that automatically calls John`s phone to let him know it`s time.

Although, every baby born at the ranch is special they are not all born to be Budweiser Clydesdales.  To be a Budweiser Hitch gelding, they need to be about 6 feet tall at the shoulder, a bay color which is a nice brown, 4 white legs, a blaze face and dark mane and tail.  A gelding is a male horse that has…

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Countdown, Say It Isn’t So

This is the final week that The Kids will be here and I’m both excited and apprehensive. They plan to pick up the U-Haul Thursday (Feb 26) and move out the boxes scattered throughout the house into their trailer in Dothan. When they finish, there won’t be much left but plenty of empty space (just like in my heart).

I know I shouldn’t be so maudlin, but I hate to see them go. I got spoiled having them here; though we did aggravate each other. I keep teasing them about not being around to referee, but we’ll all be able to live our own lives and they’ll be back in Dothan close to Alexa’s family.

If my eyes were better I’d move to Dothan too, but they aren’t so there’s no sense dwelling on it or I’ll get all stressed out again and I sure don’t need any horrible coughing spells. My eyes hurt, but I figure it’s the stress causing it (and that’s still better than coughing until I’m breathless).

I’m slowly adjusting my schedule. If I wake up at 2:00 AM and can’t go back to sleep, I watch a movie. If I sleep in until noon I can stay up late if I choose. I’ve been recording movies on the DVR to watch at my leisure; so I’ll always have something to do.

I returned to the writer’s group (thanks to Bernie) and if I can find a ride once The Kids move, I plan to regularly attend. It feels strange, but at this moment everything does because I’m starting over again. I want my freedom; so that means staying here where I can drive myself to the store (1 1/2 miles away). I just have to be careful and not be in a hurry (which is hard to do when there’s buku traffic like in Dothan). Sometimes in life ya just gotta take the bitter with the sweet and move on…

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Lean On Me Or Visa Versa

Happy President’s Day! I intend to spend this day winning my tear battle. (So far so good, but I’m blogging now; so who knows…) My reactions to Bernie and Alexa’s (my son and daughter-in-law) moving have been reduced to crying which is much better(?) than coughing until breathless.

It hurts and I’m not sure I’m winning my “fear” battle (like what else is new) but my reactions are improving. So what to do when you’re having a rough time; call or text your way to relief.

I texted my BFF, The Gad About, in St Louis (actually Troy, Mo). She didn’t answer so I logged onto Facebook and found her there. We exchanged messages until my crying was so bad that I couldn’t see what I was texting. That didn’t matter because when you know someone as long as we have (50 years, but who’s counting) “Cry Speak” is translatable in any form (and yes, spell check helps too).

The gist of our texting is: There’s a trailer for sale across from her and if I hurry I can return up North and brave the freezing cold and snow to claim it. Sometimes ya just gotta have the right perspective. Onward…

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Gimme A WAH!

“Fear” you are such a pain and cause me great angst. You even bring tears to my eyes and now even cause such horrid coughing spells that make me breathless. Sounds like really bad writing, doesn’t it? Well would you believe it’s my life lately?

It all began when we found that rundown house for sale. We (I) tried to get financing and failed, but it was the catalyst that started my current Fear Crisis. The Kids (my son and daughter-in-law) are looking into buying a trailer “bond for deed” or as it’s now known: “lease with an option to buy.”

Bernie recently got promoted (Yeah!) and will return to days, but it will be a regular day job instead of 3 days on and 4 off which means daily driving to Dothan to and from work.

I don’t blame them for wanting to return to Dothan. There’s so much more to do and Alexa’s family lives there. If my eyes were better I’d want to live there too, but they aren’t and that’s why I’m having these “Wah moments” which I could manage IF it weren’t for the coughing spells they cause.

I had a really bad one yesterday and had The Kids concerned. When the stupid things happen it’s like trying to wait out a tornado: hunker down and ride out the storm… and wait for it to subside.

I wasn’t going to write about this, but since Alexa posted the news on Facebook I figure it’s ok. Besides, maybe IF I share this angst with y’all it’ll go away (I hope, I hope). Onward?

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Just Me & My Dragon Touch

I previously blogged about my new tablet and how I couldn’t use it because of my bright reflection. Well I still can’t use it, but am slowly learning the quirks of this “so easy a child (or is it caveman) can do it” mini-computer.

I had already discovered I couldn’t hear the programs and needed some sort of hearing device, but the easy to read Manuel stated that only Dragon Touch accessories could be used; so I was hesitant about breaking my tablet if I plugged in any old sort of hearing device.

Well today my son, Bernie, helped me plug in earbuds and now I can check out Hulu, etc. I had tried around 4AM to plug in the complementary earbuds Delta Airlines had given me when we were delayed flying out of Atlanta to Salt Lake City back in Sept, but couldn’t seem to be able to match up the Manuel photos with the tablet. Dang eyes! (There was even a thin protective sheet on the computer’s back that had little drawings on it showing what went where, but they were too tiny for me to decipher; so I had to wait for assistance.)

Now I’m ready to try again because I had a whole week to repeatedly read the Manuel, and now feel confident that if a child (or caveman) can work this little aggravating piece of modern technology so can I! Onward…

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