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Computer How Could You?

Crash Crash went the computer Without warning?  Who knows. No time to backup files Or tell them goodbye. Now the fun begins as we reload everything Except what is lost and cannot be replaced. The price of progress — sometimes … Continue reading

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Hang On, Help Is On The Way

How many times have we passed someone who needs our help and we didn’t realize it?  Why are we in a specific place just at the right moment to help someone?  Fate?  Karma?  The Universe at work?  Who knows, but what’s … Continue reading

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Oscar Envy

The Oscars are a calling. I want one too! Will you make a grab for one, Or just sit and watch? I want one too. A “makeshift” one will do If that’s all I can acquire. Meanwhile I’ll just dream … Continue reading

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If you love the macabre, you’re gonna Love this!

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The Fence

Photo Credit Janet Webb This is a 99 word flash fiction piece I wrote when I discovered this photo on another website.   (This photo was the prompt for what is called Friday Fictioneers,  but I could not resist it.)  … Continue reading

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Happy 26th Son

My little love, Alexa and I celebrated the big 26 yesterday at their apartment in Ozark, AL which is across the street from mine.  Notice how serious he looks?  It’s because he had to wait to get into his ice … Continue reading

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Oh Say Can You See

This is a photo of the night light and pest controller I have plugged in a wall socket of my kitchen.  I have lit night lights scatterered all through the apartment because I need the extra light due to my ever increasing … Continue reading

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WIFI, You Stink!

Valentine’s Day is past and I hope it was a wonderful day for y’all.  Mine was pretty uneventful — I went to the grocery store when I got my car back.  You see, my daughter-in-law‘s been using my car to … Continue reading

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Rejects? So What.

I thought it was time to share more of my “rejects” with you. Grape Stomp (One of the poems I submitted to The Judds Hill Wine website). Shoeless sticky feet stomp inside vats Squishing grapes of multi colors Between water … Continue reading

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Potholder Display

After returning home from purchasing my new cell phone, I asked my son to help me hang potholders on the kitchen wall.  This is the result.  I chose to hang them near the refrigerator because: they beautifully dress up the bare wall; … Continue reading

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