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Oh What A Night!

The Gold Statues have been handed to the winners.  The Red Carpet has been trampled and now the media is recapping the event, but something is missing. Reverend Mother Dolores Hart is missing from the morning newsfeed.  Don’t misunderstand I think that … Continue reading

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Snow? Thank You, No.

Long ago I loved the snow but that was then. Now I am old with creaky bones and pain haunts me constantly. Night awakens me with achy arms or back — sometimes even crampy legs. I miss the snow that … Continue reading

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Hysteria: More Than A Word

The dreaded retinologist appointment was fast approaching, and I had been fighting hysteria because I could not bear the thought of seeing him again since he had hurt me (and stuck me twice with the needle) at my last appointment.  … Continue reading

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In The Twenty

This poem is dedicated to us scribes as we struggle with our words… and our futures. In The Twenty — not in the money But still we persevere The dream once again Alive for Validation has been rekindled.    

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Agitate And Instigate

Moi’ logged onto Facebook and checked out the status of the $3.00 Mini Screenwriting Contest, and the winners will be announced tomorrow (February 15th)!  I’ve been checking regularly because I needed the motivation to keep me writing when I was … Continue reading

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We find our together time in the oddest places I vacuum while you dust You wash the dishes and I dry We both fold clothes And then dance…

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I keep thinking of the line:  “Anticipation is making me wait” because I found a post on Facebook about the 3 page script writing contest I entered in December.  The contest runner posted that he will have the results by … Continue reading

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Another Haiku

I’m practicing my haikus again so I can submit to some haiku sites.  Here is another one for you to ponder.  Resting on past laurels– like stopping runaway trains– is life’s biggest joke.

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Trudge Slowly

Trudge slowly along the path of life never wavering left or right never venturing to what lies beside the path but ever forward like a kaleidoscope before your eyes

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