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Too Close? Hmm…

When Dad died in 1995, Bernard Jr and I saw a counselor because my son was so hurt and angry at Dad for deserting him, and just couldn’t “process” all his conflicting emotions. The sessions were difficult to schedule and … Continue reading

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With pen in hand I sit here and force these jumbled emotions onto paper. Pain, fear, dissapointment, despair still haunt me since the news of Bernard Jr.¬†and Alexa’s marriage demise. Was it just them? Was it me? How could this … Continue reading

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The Plastic Blues

Sigh and wave goodbye as you press the send button to make your creditors richer and you poorer. Each month you say you’ll “cut back” but then the car breaks down or cooking another meal makes you want to vomit … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Bliss

A quiet neighborhood  Filled with children’s laughter cause A cop lives next door 

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On The Brink

Here we are on the brink For what I do not know  A mysterious adventure Or clandestine meeting Just open the book and see For the story awaits    My daughter-in-law Alexa enjoying her giant crab legs in Panama City … Continue reading

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Write Again

My writing friend, J L Stratton has been writing daily haikus and (thanks to him) now I’m writing too. Check out his blog at http://www.jlstratton.com Thanks my writing friend for needed motivation Now I can write again

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Would I If I Could?

I’ve been reflecting on my Life Choices lately; wondering if I would change things if I could, and my answer is YES! I’d keep my eyes intact (take that macular degeneration), and all my family would be living down South, … Continue reading

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