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Yoga At Times Square, Summer Solstice, New York City

Such a great photo, just had to share it!

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Less Is More?

Birmingham (AL’s) Sidewalk Film Festival recently announced their festival schedule.  You can get more information at   This year the festival runs the weekend of August 23 – 25.  I don’t know if I’ll be going because of my eye problems, but I went … Continue reading

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Mutton Chops & History

I’ve been researching for the Young Adult historical novel I’m writing and it’s amazing and a bit disheartening to find that I was surrounded by history when I lived in Cahokia, Illinois!  Who would have guessed that so much of what … Continue reading

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Photos, of a public toilet, a ceiling and a bathroom.

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This is a picture of a public toilet in Houston Now that you’ve seen the outside view, Take a look at the inside view.. It’s made entirely of one-way glass! No one can see you from…

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lateral thinking test

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LATERAL THINKING, OR THINKING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX Check out your lateral thinking power. The first 4 images are the questions and the answers are given at the end. Please do not look at the answers…

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Before you speak

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Hush those words quiet them walk a while your footsteps on mine walk a mile walk two now three no shoes bare feet like me before you judge before you speak walk with…

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Open the door and take out the anger, frustration, rejection, fear And what ever else tortures your soul Deal with them one-by-one Yell, cry, rant until you can let them go — if only for awhile Then pack them up … Continue reading

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