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A “Get Out” Haiku

Weekend with girlfriend Plenty of warnings ignored Now will he survive?

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Neighborhood Bliss

A quiet neighborhood  Filled with children’s laughter cause A cop lives next door 

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Mud Stomp

My stomping through mud You ask me why I do it It’s therapeutic 

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      Pesto, marinara poured over the spaghetti. It’s Italian Night! 

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Write Again

My writing friend, J L Stratton has been writing daily haikus and (thanks to him) now I’m writing too. Check out his blog at http://www.jlstratton.com Thanks my writing friend for needed motivation Now I can write again

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The Noise Upstairs

The noise upstairs is deafening and causes despair. They’re fighting again.

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The Writer’s Life

Turmoiled days and nights  Foreign breakfast foods: White Castles? This is the writer’s life.   My White Castles. —————————————————— Write, redact, reread Headache pain and eye strain As you dredge your brain   

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