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A “Get Out” Haiku

Weekend with girlfriend Plenty of warnings ignored Now will he survive?

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Halloween Haiku Time

Well it’s that time again:  Halloween Haikus.  A haiku has 5 sounds for the 1st line, 7 for the 2nd and 5 for the 3rd.  The sounds don’t necessarily have to be syllables.  Try it; you may discover you like … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown

 Banner courtesy of Classic Film Lovers’ Haven   Hold the cross up to keep The Government vampires away Be brave “They” say for it’s not our fault this heinous thing has happened Open the door or window and let us … Continue reading

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Twisted Regrets

Well here I am once again wishing and hoping and all that stuff.  You see Sept 27 – 29 in Atlanta, GA my cousin, Lynn Lowry, along with a bunch of other well known horror folks, will be at the … Continue reading

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We sat before the TV Glued to the horror Displayed before us Over and over The same heart wrenching scene As the Twin Towers fell Over and over Again and again Tears streamed down our faces As terror engulfed This … Continue reading

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Cat & Dog

In the spirit of Halloween and the macabre, here is another poem for you to peruse. Dog & Cat Poor kitty cat — you fool. Did you not think I would eat you if you ventured into my pen?   I … Continue reading

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Rosencrantz & Gildenstern Leave Me Alone

When I was young I had a built-in alarm clock that worked pretty well.  I could just decide when I wanted to awake, and most of the time I would do it.  I was grateful for this super power, but that … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

Here’s two more haikus just for you this Halloween.  Happy trick or treating! ________________________________________ Halloween candy stuffed into my pillow case. Ah childhood memories. ________________________________________ I hear the howling coming from the woods — or my soul? Will it ever … Continue reading

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Halloween Haikus

Tiptoe through the woods To escape their dinner craves But my scent’s too strong.   ——————————————————- Dog food for dinner? You’ll pay for this my lovely… Now it’s chow time!

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Inspiration Comes In The Strangest Ways…

I was sitting in front of my computer trying to think of something to write, but alas could not.  So, I arose from my chair and plodded into the living room to turn on the tv and find my inspiration.  … Continue reading

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