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What’s The Point?

Well it’s almost October 1 which mean it’s time for me to see the doctor so I can get my meds refilled.  We have a “system” my doctor and I.  I see him every 6  months; he asked me how I … Continue reading

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Said and Done

Originally posted on Reowr:
It’s all been said; it’s all been done, And yet we have to try To figure out in spite of doubt The sparks that will not die. The songs we know have all been sung And…

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Ladies Night

Hairless strippers move No hair seems strange and surreal Oh their hairless pain!

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Life’s Rhythms

In the cool quiet of the night before the sounds of Life begin outside Dreams and memories dance to the rhythms of the breaths Which one leads is a question for another time And which will be remembered a more … Continue reading

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Bleach Is My Friend

Well yesterday I posted a poem called “Flush It”  on my blog  and today awakened to more “glub glubs” coming from the bathroom.  Once I realized what I was hearing I got up and plodded my way to the … Continue reading

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Flush It

I hear the glub glub of the toilet and think about my life. How I wish I could just  flush away the fear and unrequited dreams And watch the pain circle and disappear never to be seen again. I hear the glub glub again … Continue reading

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Stuff treasures in truck Say goodbye to watching friends Quickly drive away

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