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Decisions & Revisions

Writing is hard work, and anyone who can sit down and write wonderful, creative stuff right away has my admiration.  I have heard of people who are that creative, and I so envy them.  But for me, it’s just plain hard.  I … Continue reading

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Writing, Reading, Learning?

I don’t know if I’ll ever really accomplish my goals, but I do know that I’ll continue trying… On that note, I’m about to enter another writing contest:  a Movie Trailer script contest.  This contest means just what it’s called:  … Continue reading

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Blue: More Than A Color

I’ve been thinking about Mom a lot lately; not just because it’s close to our birthdays, but also because I know my eyes are changing.  I never realized how brave Mom was; and what an actress!  She always seemed upbeat … Continue reading

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The Prick

The needle approaches My eyes and I wince for I’m so tired of what’s coming I’ve lost count how many times I’ve done this But the alternative is far worse So I steel myself Again for the prick.  

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Quality Choices

The anchor clunks into the water as its wake splashes the boat And I wonder if the fish have all been scared away I can’t believe I fell for this “Quality Time” when I hate fishing You gaze at my … Continue reading

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Hey There!

Here Down South, we say “Hey” for “Hello” and since I’ve been gone from Blogland for so long, I thought I’d start with a greeting.  It’s been over a week since I last blogged and that’s because of depression and … Continue reading

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