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Dr. Seuss

     Photo courtesy of Wikipedia. Dr. Seuss charms us with his rhyming poetics yesterday/today Check out http://robssurfreport.com/2014/01/01/genre-haiku-challenge-2014-01-biography/ for more information on his haiku challenges and happy writing.   🙂

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Day By Day

Day by day we stroll along oblivious to our fates. A smile here, a chance encounter there equals Heaven or Hell. Day by day we stroll along until our final day. And what I ask you will they say about … Continue reading

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Night’s Silence

Oh the joy of the night silence The sense of quiet and solitude that abounds The chance to reflect And gather thoughts of whatever I wish Until the sun comes up To break the spell

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A tweak of this A comma and a splice Cut this out Add this in Now read Is content right? How about brevity? And consistency? Tweak some more To polish and stir Then throw out Onto the Internet To see … Continue reading

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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

The Internet is such a marvelous place.  We get to meet wonderful people and learn all sorts of neat things fast where before we just had snail mail pen pals.  My blogging friend Tazeinmirzasaad at http://transcendingbordersblog.wordpress.com   has nominated me for this … Continue reading

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The old man trudges slow these days His labored steps abound Where once he scampered with sprightly step As he flittered all around Now he wishes he’d taken the time To find that Special One Too late he discovered That playing the … Continue reading

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Computer How Could You?

Crash Crash went the computer Without warning?  Who knows. No time to backup files Or tell them goodbye. Now the fun begins as we reload everything Except what is lost and cannot be replaced. The price of progress — sometimes … Continue reading

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The Fence

Photo Credit Janet Webb This is a 99 word flash fiction piece I wrote when I discovered this photo on another website.   (This photo was the prompt for what is called Friday Fictioneers, http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/friday-fictioneers-2/  but I could not resist it.)  … Continue reading

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Kindle Blues

Oh to tangibly hold the book in my hands To feel its pages as I turn them when once I thought it yucky To once again rejoice as printer’s ink invades my nose But these are the losses we now … Continue reading

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Hey Y’all

Well as you all surmised from yesterday’s fiasco attempt at loading my Ninja Angel trailer script, I’m very technically challenged!  I even got my son and daughter-in-law to assist me yesterday, and you saw what happened. Well today was another … Continue reading

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