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With Pen In Hand

With pen in hand I sit and wait Wondering what images The Muse will deliver.   Some are bleak And pain me so But I write them anyway.   For in doing so Releases me from Demons I may not … Continue reading

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No Excuses!

Writing motivation sometimes eludes me, but excuses abound. The time change, lost pens, no WIFI and on and on. But the real problem is sitting my butt in the seat and staying until Something miraculously appears on paper to be … Continue reading

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A tweak of this A comma and a splice Cut this out Add this in Now read Is content right? How about brevity? And consistency? Tweak some more To polish and stir Then throw out Onto the Internet To see … Continue reading

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Inspiration Invasion

Sacrifice the night for the light of day and watch your Muse fade away. For she comes to you in sleep and dreams. Or when fatigue has wakened your soul. If you doubt me just you wait. Ignore my words … Continue reading

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My blogging friend Susan who lives in Africa has a kitten that looks like Lola.  If you doubt me, check out her blog and search for Lola’s long-lost twin Pixels. Blogging can be fun, but it’s work too.  Sometimes it’s … Continue reading

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Aah to awaken in the night and struggle to regain the plight of what your imagination saw or heard. Deep in the wallows of your mind when Consciousness and Universe combine to replay Truth so divine In the darkness of … Continue reading

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Wait For It!

Well here I am attempting to get back to my regular blogging since I finished two whole movie trailer scripts for the June 30th contest deadline.  Now the hard part is waiting for the results, but then anyone who submits … Continue reading

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Decisions & Revisions

Writing is hard work, and anyone who can sit down and write wonderful, creative stuff right away has my admiration.  I have heard of people who are that creative, and I so envy them.  But for me, it’s just plain hard.  I … Continue reading

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Read my poems and be inspired with metaphors and similes of Life and Love as I have yours.

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Happy National Haiku Day

Majestic creatures blanketed and stabled wait to go to work. Words wait patiently to be written and shared by fellow writers Rain came fast and hard creating floods and fear now look at flowers

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