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“Space. The Final Frontier…” or in my case: better known as My Suitcase. This is an empty carry on size space bag. It is one of a set of four (2 carry on and 2 suitcase size) that you can … Continue reading

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Can You Scan Scan

These are supposed to be my Comic Con tickets — but as you can see– they’re not very clear and I was wondering how anyone would be able to read them. Well I just read some happy news: I don’t … Continue reading

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No Time

Got no time to dilly dally around because travel time is almost here. (There were days when I wasn’t sure it would ever get here.) Now you’d think I’d be ready, but some inconveniences keep me from finishing my packing. … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, just outside of ferguson…

Life goes on for some…

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R & R is about to arrive under the guise of Comic Con I’ve planned and schemed to attend this event Saving money and making things like helmets and swords some Zombie blood too For I don’t know who I’ll … Continue reading

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ACLU lawsuit wants “Freedom of the Press” defined after Ferguson demonstrations

It’s called The Bill Of Rights for a reason .

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Blind Ambition

Oh say can you see these blinds falling before me? All I ever tried to do was open and close them for the view. Two cords did break and down it crumbled Causing me to growl and rumble Now comes … Continue reading

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