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A “Get Out” Haiku

Weekend with girlfriend Plenty of warnings ignored Now will he survive?

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Yes Virginia, I Done Good

There are times in life when we all have doubts, and no one really can predict when that will happen. They can be little, like whether or not it will rain or catastrophic, like whether or not our sons and … Continue reading

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Wake Up Time!

I’ve been feeling sort of blah lately; just hanging around the house since I went to the movies on Mother’s Day, which really isn’t how you should spend your day if you call yourself a writer. I just haven’t felt … Continue reading

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Mind Musings

Today’s March 1 and I have all sorts of bills to pay with limited money. Yes, I could’ve stayed home and saved money instead of squandering it in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, but I didn’t; so there’s no … Continue reading

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Dream House Or Money Pit

I was going to begin a new blog to write about The Kids and I living together and house hunting, but I’m not very techno savvy; so I’m just going to add it here. We’ve been cohabitating since April, 2014 … Continue reading

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Racism, Gone With The Wind

Photo courtesy of Yahoo movies. The Atlanta premier of “Gone With The Wind” was 75 years ago today. Clark Gable was not going to attend because Hattie McDaniel was not being allowed to attend. Ms McDaniel was the one who … Continue reading

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Elvis Lives

Elvis’ pelvis shakes as memories flood our loins Remembered always

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Vegas’ Call

Inside Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum Johnny Depp John Wayne Me & The Rock Me & George Clooney Me & Siegfried and Roy Me & The Rat Pack Liberace Me & The Blue Man Group Jammin’ 24/7 you wine and dine … Continue reading

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R & R is about to arrive under the guise of Comic Con I’ve planned and schemed to attend this event Saving money and making things like helmets and swords some Zombie blood too For I don’t know who I’ll … Continue reading

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Kick Start Your Dreams.. Maybe

I was perusing Facebook today and saw the big news of the day (or so it seems) potato salad or should I say the making of it, is being funded by Kickstarter! Now the question is: Whom is the joke … Continue reading

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