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Judge Dredd & Me

Judge Dredd:  I am the law! It began as such an ordinary day, that is until someone was banging on my door.  You see The Kids (Bernie & Alexa: my son and daughter-in-law) had found a townhouse close to her work … Continue reading

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Don’t threaten me With calling the cops For I’ve already called them. Just let me move away In peace Before we both regret this It was nice for awhile And we tried We really did But now it’s done So … Continue reading

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Poem – The colors of our lives

What colors will your life make?

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Tissues And Tears

Children have an innate sense of when to cry; that is until they become socialized (or is it anesthetized) to when to cry.  I mean when you’re little, if you get a booboo, you cry!  But as we grow older … Continue reading

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Say Adieu

Get over your fear and pain And say “Adieu” For now The day has come To wish them well And say “Adieu” Time changes lives We hope For the better So wish them well And say “Adieu” For now

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Flyers For Dreams

We don’t always get to do what we want, but that’s life.  Take the rodeo for instance: I love the rodeo; so when I discovered that one was being held in Ozark, AL I was so excited.  But then I found out … Continue reading

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Inspirational Women: 7 Influential Women Who Failed Before They Succeeded

Originally posted on LadyRomp:
The Huffington Post  |  By Julie Zeilinger “Looking back at my own life, there are the things that can trip us up and dampen that spirit,” Arianna Huffington told graduating high school seniors last year. “The first thing is…

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