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Sam Elliott?

Is that Sam Elliott I see On this Gulf Coast Cruise with me? The Sea Screamer bucks and rocks As we struggle to stay upright. “Sam” almost fell into my lap But was able to adjust. No one knew if … Continue reading

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Wrong Year Padre

I was perusing Facebook (I do spend too much time there) when I discovered an advertisement about “future predictions.” Being naturally curious about my future (as so many are) I clicked on the link because I want to keep informed … Continue reading

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Mailbox Musings

Walked to the mailbox and hoped to see a letter with happy news or some money. Neither was found; just more bills to ponder and worry over. No wonder I rarely venture out to the box. Just can’t stand the … Continue reading

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Random Photos

          My phone is challenging my techno ability today (in case you’re wondering why the toilet photo’s on top and this blurb’s located here). Have a great day! Onward…  

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Ha Ha I Beat You

Tomorrow is that dreaded April 15th; the day that once ushered in visions of flowers blooming and birds singing to celebrate Spring. Now this blighted day brings nightmares of people dressed in black with hands outstreached screaming “Pay me!” For … Continue reading

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Annoy There, Matey

Life, you sneaky enigmatic time element. Good days and bad all rolled together in a “Big ball” as Doctor Who would say, but how you react to those bits of time can either “make or break you.” Things had been … Continue reading

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Just Me & My Dragon Touch

I previously blogged about my new tablet and how I couldn’t use it because of my bright reflection. Well I still can’t use it, but am slowly learning the quirks of this “so easy a child (or is it caveman) … Continue reading

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