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News Blues

I listen to the news and get depressed Death, poverty, corruption, war When will all this end? Is Armegeddon on the brink? Or is it here and we don’t realize…

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On The Couch Again

Well here I am on the couch again. I spent 2 whole nights sleeping in my bed after our big ice storm, but then it turned cold again and I can’t stand the weight if all those blankets on me. … Continue reading

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Little Macy

What type doggie are you Miss Macy Claire? Your tiny paws and curly Soft peach fuzzy hair. Your tiny growl That matches your size. And those beautiful smart Expressive eyes. How big will you grow Miss Macy Claire? Your cute … Continue reading

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Puppy Love

See the puppy in the window Its nose pressed to the glass I hear a sigh Or do I just imagine What the pup is thinking Brown expressive eyes Stare back at me And I hear a whimper Or am … Continue reading

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Romance inspires us. But tis for better or worse? Only we decide. This haiku is written for the February Haiku Challenge at  so mosey on over to his website and check out the haikus.

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