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This year passes in review on 12/31 Asking of you questions You may not like Was it a good year? Did I accomplish my goals this year Or must I try harder in the next? Was it worth it? And … Continue reading

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Riding In Style

My MAVEN Certificate I always wanted to go into space, but I wasn’t brainy enough to be an astronaut (dang Algebra). I was a teenager when Sputnik launched and how I loved Star Trek! That’s why I was so thrilled … Continue reading

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December 25

This Christmas Day is more than just a day. It is a symbol of love and joy and Peace On Earth. It is a historical moment in time that people of the world honor and celebrate by giving and receiving … Continue reading

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IF wishes could come true I’d wish this all for you That The World would know Peace and Joy That all would be free And could live in harmony There would be no hunger And all would know prosperity So … Continue reading

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Baking Time

The Kids (my son and wonderful daughter-in-law) have been buying all sorts of sweets. They bought candy for our Christmas stockings (which got eaten long before Christmas) and recently purchased cheese cake, cookies, and mini cupcakes. I love all this … Continue reading

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The Bare Tree

The Christmas tree looks bare now As all the presents have gone Distributed throughout family and friends As their joyous day unfolds So bask in the knowledge their Great Christmas Day will be Joyous and merry For all to see

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