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March = Do It!

What a day this has been!  I struggled earlier this month to write a video advertisement for a contest.  First I had to research the format because I had no idea how to do it.  Then I tried and tried … … Continue reading

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The rain outside fits my mood as clouds and sun vie for supremacy. Rain Wash away my despair. Sun Shine bright to cast away the shadows flooding my life.  

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Traveling … Me?

I am preparing to journey back home to visit family and friends in the St. Louis Area.  Planning (and agonizing) over this trip has me thinking… and reminiscing.  Here for your enjoyment is a poem dedicated to Dad and Monsieur … Continue reading

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Fear And Frustration

Fear and frustration cause me grief and pain. I grieve for the lost things I no longer can do. But I must overcome these feelings or be a slave to my Fear and frustration.

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Ode To Childhood

Where are the happy carefree days of so long ago? Oh the hours spent in frolic and play why have you gone away? And will you ever come again? My smile says perhaps tomorrow or the next when the grandkids … Continue reading

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The Wedge

The hostility festered far too long because we didn’t clear the air. We kept putting off the conversation of what the bothers were. And now we’re at an impasse debating what to do — Invest the time and energy to … Continue reading

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Oh Muse I need you now! These thoughts clang around inside my head and cause me pain, but will not rise so I may grasp them and make them my own. Oh Muse I need you now. These words on … Continue reading

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