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Fear, You Suck!

I haven’t blogged in months. I’ve begun, but never finished. I guess it’s just hurt too much. You see, Sis told me months ago that she has cataracts and macular degeneration in both eyes! She saw a retinalogist who said … Continue reading

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Neighborhood Bliss

A quiet neighborhood  Filled with children’s laughter cause A cop lives next door 

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I sit and stare at blank paper or empty computer screen trying to create words  out of jumbled feelings engulfing me. Sometimes I manage  to accomplish my goals of word and image creation. Other days are spent  languishing away the … Continue reading

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Get Ready To Talk

Sis called me last week to tell me that my niece wanted to know about macular degeneration since she’s gonna be heading down that dang path too and had questions; so Sis gave her my phone number and was calling … Continue reading

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Sanctuary Or Cage

Locked away in this chosen room I find peace and sanctuary Outside I hear the roar of motorcycles and sirens some children playing too But here inside I embrace my solitude unless I decide to venture out and change it

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A New Tomorrow 

You climbed into your car and drove away looking for a new tomorrow Yes you were afraid but you drove off anyway Leaving behind the life you knew and friends too For the yearning was more than you could bear … Continue reading

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I decided to start with this Chex Mix photo because it sums up so well how Life and its twists and turns can make your existence so interesting If you remember to relax and enjoy the ride. Sunday (Aug 23) … Continue reading

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