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Oh The Suspense

Well here it is July 30 and still no results from the movie trailer contest.  Now I could be concerned, but I take it as a good sign because that means the trailer scripts are so good that it’s hard … Continue reading

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The madness in my head compels me onward But to what end I do not know Will it be used for good or evil? Will I be in control or will the voices in my head control me? Can I … Continue reading

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Importance Of Being

There was once a time when he came through the door and thrilled me with his presence.  Now I dread those days because all I see is my schedule disrupted. So we must find a way to get back on … Continue reading

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Outside rain fills my heart with soothing waters as I overcome or ignore my grief from passing days’ events. Life you have once again tried to dissuade But I shall overcome!  

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Hands on clock spin round But reminding us of what? Only you can decide.

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Ode To 565

My sister emailed me today with the sad news that The Old Baptist Church Building (Cahokia, IL) where we grew up was burned and arson is suspected.  Ode To 565 The place was torched by some monster or misguided humanoid … Continue reading

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Life’s Battles

We all fight our fights whatever they may be   Confronting bullies at school or simply rising out of bed each morning when we would prefer to bury ourselves under the covers   Some of us fight physical enemies or … Continue reading

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