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We Got Us A Convoy

Well here I am home again and using the s-l-o-w dial-up connection once more.  The trip home was emotional because my eyes were bothering me from the previous day’s tests, it was raining and we joined a convoy of tree … Continue reading

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Home, I Love Ya.

Hi Y’all!  Just a quick note before I close up the computer and pack it in the car for the drive back to Dothan, AL.  Tallahassee, FL has been interesting:  rain and bunches of traffic which can be quite stressful, … Continue reading

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Bison Quest

Hi Y’all.  Well we made it to Tallahassee, FL for tomorrow’s eye appointment .  My son, Bernie, rode “shot gun” and his wife, Alexa, rode in the back seat while I drove.  I feel sorry for the people preparing for … Continue reading

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Better Late Than Never

Perseverance does pay off, and just plain ol’ tenacity doesn’t hurt either.  As you may recall I was trying in vain to load my Ninja Angel  trailer script.  Well guess what?  I did it!  It’s not fancy, but it is … Continue reading

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Hey Y’all

Well as you all surmised from yesterday’s fiasco attempt at loading my Ninja Angel trailer script, I’m very technically challenged!  I even got my son and daughter-in-law to assist me yesterday, and you saw what happened. Well today was another … Continue reading

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Ninja Angel Trailer

I’ve been thinking for some time that I need to be braver; so My Fellow Bloggers today I give you my Ninja Angel Trailer.  No I didn’t win the trailer contest, but I must ask:  Would you want to see … Continue reading

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Panic Attack

A terrible pain is in my heart or is it indigestion? It moves from side to side as I struggle to breathe gasping in air willing myself to Calm Down but to no avail. My heart now pounds so loudly … Continue reading

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Ode To Youth

Oh to be young once more and frolic as I did so long ago But achy joints and crippled knee keep me from my revelry Clouded eyes I do surmise have added to my woe And sometimes it just plain … Continue reading

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Aah to awaken in the night and struggle to regain the plight of what your imagination saw or heard. Deep in the wallows of your mind when Consciousness and Universe combine to replay Truth so divine In the darkness of … Continue reading

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Today words fail me so in my room I hide And struggle to overcome the fear that prevails. Will this spell be broken so that I can once again regain my place upon life’s slippery slope Or am I doomed … Continue reading

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