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Family, Oy Vey

My son is finally getting divorced, and oh the memories that are haunting me… memories of my divorce, and Sis’. Memories of my aunt speaking to her grandchildren from across the street; not being allowed to kiss them or touch … Continue reading

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I’ve often heard people wondering how 9/11/2001 could happen. How could security be so lax that 3 planes could be hijacked? Perhaps my tale will help you understand. Months before the terrorists’ attacks happened, security was increased in Federal Agencies … Continue reading

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Riding In Style

My MAVEN Certificate I always wanted to go into space, but I wasn’t brainy enough to be an astronaut (dang Algebra). I was a teenager when Sputnik launched and how I loved Star Trek! That’s why I was so thrilled … Continue reading

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December 25

This Christmas Day is more than just a day. It is a symbol of love and joy and Peace On Earth. It is a historical moment in time that people of the world honor and celebrate by giving and receiving … Continue reading

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Racism, Gone With The Wind

Photo courtesy of Yahoo movies. The Atlanta premier of “Gone With The Wind” was 75 years ago today. Clark Gable was not going to attend because Hattie McDaniel was not being allowed to attend. Ms McDaniel was the one who … Continue reading

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Chuck Yeager

Mach 1 sound broken as he skims across the sky. No astronaut he!         Check out http://robssurfreport.com/2014/01/01/genre-haiku-challenge-2014-01-biography/ for more information on his haiku challenges and happy writing.    

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It’s Vegas, Baby

Got a very happy surprise yesterday:  a phone call from my friend who lives in Las Vegas.  We spoke for almost 2 hours and it was great catching up with her.  We met while we worked in St. Louis at General American … Continue reading

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We look at the news And get depressed Wondering about the future But faith Pulls us through To another day As the cycle starts again Over and over This goes on Until we are no more And we leave ourselves … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown

 Banner courtesy of Classic Film Lovers’ Haven   Hold the cross up to keep The Government vampires away Be brave “They” say for it’s not our fault this heinous thing has happened Open the door or window and let us … Continue reading

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We sat before the TV Glued to the horror Displayed before us Over and over The same heart wrenching scene As the Twin Towers fell Over and over Again and again Tears streamed down our faces As terror engulfed This … Continue reading

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