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Wanted: Navigator

I am missing out on so much these days because of my eyes.  I’m not bitter — just annoyed at my fear — or perhaps I’m really being overly cautious and I just don’t realize it. Since Thanksgiving, I’ve missed out … Continue reading

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Write, Damnit!

Life is interfering with my writing.  On the one hand, I am happy that life is interesting, but now it seems to be getting too interesting!  I caught my son on Facebook this weekend and since I rarely see him … Continue reading

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Another Year Of Mother’s And Father’s Days

Another year has past of quiet celebrations if you’re lucky enough to be together. Rejoice in the time you have with parents. As the clock winds down — your days are numbered. RIP Mom and Dad.

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Silly Momma

I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster since my son found his dream girl.  Some days pass uneventfully — others do not.  Today was one of those emotional ones.  I awoke today fully prepared to finally get the treasures out of … Continue reading

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Blood And Emotional Ties

“Family.”  That word conjures up so many things:  happy times together at the dinner table, laughter, chasing fire flies at night and capturing them in jars; gawking at them until their little lights flickered out. Some people are born into … Continue reading

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Open Up!

On a whim, the other day I took an online Chakra Test.   “Chakra” is an Indian term used to represent each of the seven centers of spirtual power in the human body.  The seven centers are:  Root, Sacral, Persona Power, … Continue reading

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