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Gomer Pyle had the statement right when he said: “Golly!” all the time.  I am in awe because my blogging friend, Jenchay has just nominated moi’ for another blogging award.  This one is called the ABC Award and you … Continue reading

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This poem was inspired by my blogging friend L Scott.  Please check out her poetic words of wisdom if you haven’t already at Reach Reach for what you need to cope Joyous memories of cherished time Your loved ones … Continue reading

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Click Clack

I’m sitting here at my laptop listening to the click clack of the ceiling fan; impatiently waiting to hear which of the script writers who submitted to a particular contest that closed December 31 will be chosen to receive free … Continue reading

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Caught my breast inside the door due to carelessness Oh the pain and then the blue You are such a boob.

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Words applied to express emotions or thoughts implied to evoke a result compiled for effect for education or thoughts provoke

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Roadside Hero

Grabbed the extinguisher to put out the fire too late for that but the danger eludes me To my rescue comes a passing stranger to pull me away before the explosion Another life saved today

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Rejected Work

I thought it was about time I was brave and shared some of my rejected work with you, my fellow bloggers.  Open Wide is already posted on my website, but it’s one of my favorites; so I thought I’d share it … Continue reading

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The big bright orange ball escapes the clouds — heading down as sunset graces us.

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New Outlook/New Day

I decided to change my WordPress header image.  I had accidentally stumbled upon this header last year and instinctively disliked it.  Some of my friends commented on it and said they liked it, but I didn’t and couldn’t accept it.  … Continue reading

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I can see ol’ Snoopy and Woodstock dancing their little hearts out helping me celebrate my new blogging award.  This award comes from my blogging friend  I’m so happy and thrilled because I was feeling pretty low after my … Continue reading

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