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More Frugal Decorating

Today I decided to do some more organizing and slowly relocated some of my stuff.  But as I discovered moving “stuff” from one box to another defeats the organizing purpose.  This photo shows the solution I came up with.  The yogurt … Continue reading

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My “Clean” Car

Today I finally decided to clean the crud off my station wagon’s roof.  The filth was due to the feral cats running around the trailer in Haleburg, AL where I used to live with my ex-mother-in-law.  I lost count how … Continue reading

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Just Me And You

I was lying in bed this morning pondering The Universe when I began to think about some of my favorite movies and their recurring theme.  One of my absolute favorites is Just The Way You Are starring Kristy McNichol and … Continue reading

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Popcorn Skirmish

Oh woe — A trip to the dentist awaits due to white cheddar popcorn. Those yummy kernels are supposed to bring smiles not take them away! Now a scary roadtrip awaits me — Oh woe!

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Fortune Abounds, My Friends

My new blogging friend Aussie AP at the just nominated me for this humbling award.  The rules are that you are supposed to mention 7 things about yourself, link back to your nominator and nominate 15 other blogs for the award.  … Continue reading

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Couch Trip

Yesterday my daughter-in-law and I drove to the Dale County Rescue Mission in Ozark, AL to donate some of my treasures.  Then we entered the store and glory be I found this couch!  This was not the first couch I … Continue reading

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Life’s Ruts

The lines carved on our faces Hid by makeup And for some a knife Still cannot hide What we carry Inside For we bear the brunt Of our lives — Both good and bad And nothing we do Will change … Continue reading

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