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Here Comes The Sun

Eureka!  I have positive proof that emails can work.  You see WordPress had changed my beautiful sun background to a person strolling on a long shadowy path.  (See the Mr. Wizard, Help! blogpost). Some of my WordPress followers replied that they … Continue reading

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It’s Raining It’s Pouring

Just exchanged email with some of my friends back in the St. Louis Metropolitan area and they’re expecting ice followed by a bunch of snow. Now I can tell you, I miss my friends terribly, but I am so greateful to … Continue reading

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There’s No Business Like Show Business

Ethel Merman had it right when she belted out that song.   It’s so appropriate in so many ways.  “Show business” works in writing as in “Show, don’t tell.”  It also works in theater; especially if you have a director who allows … Continue reading

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Mr. Wizard, Help!

Today started pretty uneventfully until I realized that my blog had been changed!  Who, I wondered had been  so callous as to change my beautiful sunset and replace it with the shadowy, trousered person walking down this dark path?  I … Continue reading

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Rise Above It

As I sat here staring at the computer screen trying to think of something to post, I heard what I believe is John Candy’s greatest movie, Cool Runnings, start.  I spent some time reminiscing about where I was when I … Continue reading

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Long As I Can Grow With My Hair

Last night our theater practice was pretty uneventful until my fellow thespians decided to braid my hair for my “witchy” character.  The idea seemed simple enough, and everyone was shocked at my response.  A vehement “No!” loudly escaped my mouth, and … Continue reading

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Little Steps

Just as a baby learns to crawl before walking I, too, am taking baby steps. When I first began this blog I wondered if anyone would read it. Confirmation has finally arrived in the form of increased spam!

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