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Moving On!

Ever since Sunday’s argument, I’ve been loading my car with boxes and driving to Ozark, AL to store my treasures at my son’s while I waited to hear if I would be approved for an apartment.  It’s been tough not thinking … Continue reading

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Sometimes parting is the best thing that can happen in a relationship; especially when that relationship has become toxic.  The question is:  How do you know when a relationship has become toxic? I’m no expert, but I know when I’ve … Continue reading

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Turkey Squabbles

In honor of Thanksgiving… It’s my kitchen so do it my way! Never mind that you’ve gone to a culinary academy Never mind that you said Today is my day to rest. I’ll be looking over your shoulder to ensure … Continue reading

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Did you ever have one of those days when you think everything is going great and then poof it’s not?  I am currently fighting with my bank because of a credit card I cancelled over 3 years ago.  At that … Continue reading

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We stand at a crossroads engulfed in pain and uncertainty. We turn wrap or arms around each other and cry until the torrent passes. Then we choose a way and move on…

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Night Scares

In the dark of night when my confidence has waned I struggle to ignore the fear that terrifies me so — of shattered dreams and broken vows of life and my mortality. I peer through gazing sightless eyes caused by … Continue reading

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Originally posted on To Be Aware:
This is the 1st post out of 3 that will help you gain a better understanding of the root of anything that is bothering you in your life. This thing – called fear, has…

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Shadows Wish

My wish today you say seems strange But my wish is Shadows — ever shadows Because if the shadows I do see then it means that  I  Can see The shadows — ever shadows. So you see my wish makes … Continue reading

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It’s Haiku Rejects, Charlie Brown!

I submitted these haikus to a haiku only website in 2011, and previously shared them on my blog, but thought I’d share them again to remind you, my readers, to believe in yourself and keep trying.  Regards, Sandra Waiting by river … Continue reading

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