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Lights, No Camera… Action!

Last night at Opus Nostrum (Headland’s theater)  we all met to find out which play we were doing and whom of us would be in the cast.  I volunteered to not be cast out of trepidation; or was it just plain fear? The director turned … Continue reading

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Where’s the Moon Rocks?

Christopher “Kit” Bond accidentally confiscated Missouri’s Apollo 17 Moon Rock when he left the Governor’s Office on his way to the US Senate.  In December, 2010 while packing up his Senate office the 5 million dollar rock was discovered.  Can … Continue reading

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Christmas is a time for reflection; for reminiscing about Christmas’ past and future ones to be shared with friends and family.  It’s a time to give thanks — for Christ and hopefully happy memories.  It’s a time to share; to … Continue reading

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Sue What!

Well it’s finally happened – someone is suing McDonald’s because of their Happy Meals!  Seems Ms. Monet Parham’s little children coerce her into going to McDonald’s for Happy Meals and according to the article “the meals often get cold while … Continue reading

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Urban Sprawl

Riding backwards on the train — Looking o’er the cityscape. Seeing graffiti sprawled across the walls And garbage spewed upon the ground. Pollution clouds hang in the air As I see abandoned houses everywhere. Well we’ll plant flowers to hide … Continue reading

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Dying Choices

Cancer came to take her, but she fought back.    When the doctor said “amputation was necessary,” she emphatically said “No!” Now she’s gone, but I still remember that she made her own choices — of how to die with dignity.

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We welcomed you when our country was new, but that was long ago. We needed you when you first arrived to build our railroads and work our mines. And now we’re all here in a new century saying “We don’t … Continue reading

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Toilet Seats — Or Sitting On Our Thrones

We all sit on our “thrones” hopefully on a regular basis or that means we better be prepared for a doctor visit.  We recently had to replace ours for the umpteenth time because the cheap plastic ones fall apart. Where … Continue reading

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Criticism, even the constructive kind hurts, but is necessary just like food and vaccinations.  I just received my analysis on my vampire script.  At first I was defensive and shocked that these experts cannot seem to comprehend my vision. Everyone just naturally … Continue reading

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Gymnastics and Amorous Canines?

Our stray foundling, Little SuzyQ is expecting again.  The little skeletal pipsqueak wandered into our yard last spring — and not wanting to see her starve — we fattened her up.  What did the healthy, ungrateful wench then do?  She … Continue reading

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