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Spam, I Am?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell spam from comments.  It was difficult before 9/11 changed America’s views on the world, but now… I’m trying to grow my blog readership; so I must take chances, but every time I review a spam … Continue reading

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Chicago’s song “Beginnings” is one of my favorite songs, and so appropriate for yesterday.  You see yesterday was my one and only child’s wedding.  Bernard Jr. and Alexa had a lovely ceremony at the Probate Court’s office in downtown Dothan, … Continue reading

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Rested Days And Nights

Nap to gain insight to relax and be refreshed or — to just plain sleep!

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Another Haiku

Gaze at the tv to escape reality of your daily life

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I  cower inside the trailer listening to the howling wind outside wondering if I should attempt to leave or wait to see what happens. The poor trailer rattles and shakes — battered by the pounding rain. I gaze outside at … Continue reading

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Wedding Bells… And Silliness

Two more days and my only son will be wed!  What a day Thursday (August 25) will be.  There’s a hurricane in the Atlantic that’s still deciding where it will hit.  (I’m expecting it to be an unwelcome guest at … Continue reading

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Surprise, Surprise

I recently got an email from my sister about a new drug for macular degeneration eye shots.  What I found most surprising and informative about the article is that the Food and Drug Administration has not approved Avastin (what I’m … Continue reading

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