Ain’t That Tough Enough…

Monday August 15th started out as just another day.  I spent the morning blogging and debating whether or not to attend the writer’s group meeting that night.  The third Monday of the month The Last Word writer’s group meets at a restaurant in Dothan.  Dothan is a 25 mile drive (one way); so lately my attendance has been sporatic due to my macular degeneration. 

I decided to attend and had looked forward to the meeting because we were having a guest speaker, but now wonder if it is time for me to leave this group.  Let me tell my story and you decide:

The evening started out fine.  The speaker was interesting; the food was as good as always, but during an evening lull one of the members (who I thought of as a friend) decided to get “cutesy” and she hurt me.

She shot a straw wrapper at me.  Now under normal circumstances this would be nothing, but I cannot see that well due to my condition.  I cannot say if everyone at the table laughed, but there was laughter.  Now I could have panicked and overturned the table, but I saw what she was doing — not realizing her intentions– because she was sitting diagonally across from me.

My reaction when the wrapper hit me and I heard the laughter:  I proclaimed that I did not appreciate what she had done and now realized why my mother (who had both wet and dry macular degeneration) had reacted the way she did to such shenanigans.  I then arose and left.  I heard comments and appologies to my departure, but continued onward. 

Did I over react?  Perhaps… but I thought of some of these people as my friends, and I was hurt and felt betrayed.  I had trusted some of these people with my history and the woman that shot the wrapper at me has even had similar eye problems; so I thought she would be more empathetic.

I had felt that two of the women there were my friend and one of them shot me with the wrapper.  I do not know if the other lady laughed — I was too busy trying to control my emotions.

My emotions are still raw from this incident and the straw “wrapper woman” has called to appologize, but I am not ready to speak with her.  It has taken me two days to feel I can write about this.  Do I need to toughen up?  Probably so… Will I return to the group?  At this time, I cannot say, but I’m grateful that two of the other people I call “friend” were not there that night.

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I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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4 Responses to Ain’t That Tough Enough…

  1. Pepi Noble says:

    Hello – I am new to your blog but in the early days of my eye condition things like this would happen. I started my blog to share my journey with mac degen and provide info on what we experience visually – even my husband who has been on this journey with me for 18 years did not realize the result of low vision. I have come to learn that every person experiences mac degen differently. Perhaps your friend ‘sees’ differently in more ways than one.

    Pepi Noble

    • sandrabranum says:

      Thank you for your insight Pepi. Before I found myself fighting with this condition I had lived in dread of acquiring it because my mother had both types just like you. I had inherited her thyroid problem and her double vision, and prayed that I would not inherit this. Some prayers are not answered, but I know God must have a good reason for not answering this one.

  2. Valentine Discala says:

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    • sandrabranum says:

      Unfortunately supplements cannot always solve this problem. I have been taking thyroid since I was 9. It began as animal thyroid (5 grains) everyday and continued until after my son was born. Since 1990 I’ve been taking Synthroid (synthetic thyroid). I am grateful for many things, especially that my son did not inherit my hypothyroid problem. Regards, Sandra

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