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Ain’t That Tough Enough…

Monday August 15th started out as just another day.  I spent the morning blogging and debating whether or not to attend the writer’s group meeting that night.  The third Monday of the month The Last Word writer’s group meets at … Continue reading

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The Muse grips me again as I stroke pen to paper. I make no sense of these words as I write. I only know when The Muse is through I will then translate my gibberish.

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Power Outage

Lying here in the dark Waiting for the power to reignite the brightness of my life. I am not afraid of the dark, but it makes me ponder my existence. And this I so dislike for it is the dark … Continue reading

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Motivation — Where To Find It…

I’ve been feeling lethargic lately.  My writing submissions have been rejected and that has been affecting my blog.  I know that I should not let that happen, but as you probably know from experience:  knowing something is NOT the same … Continue reading

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Clap your hands together as if you have the beat. Rock to the music of your life for if you don’t — who will?

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Another year has come and gone on my life’s journey. Now I could ponder all my trepidations of this life path or just be grateful for my time and enjoy the ride as I wonder what lies ahead.

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