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Inspiration Invasion

Sacrifice the night for the light of day and watch your Muse fade away. For she comes to you in sleep and dreams. Or when fatigue has wakened your soul. If you doubt me just you wait. Ignore my words … Continue reading

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The Hug

Hugs don’t always have to be physical.

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We all have our crosses to bear Whether visible or not. Some people are straight Because they hesitate To acknowledge their burdens. But this hesitation is futile Because sooner or later We all will bear the brunt of the crosses … Continue reading

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Haikus In Space

Space the final frontier. This is the voyage of the MAVEN spacecraft to explore Mars and take Human words along with it… Just wanted to get your attention before I post the haikus I didn’t send to NASA. Red planet … Continue reading

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Try To Remember…

As I previously told you I’ve slowly been filling my new bookcases (yes I had to buy another one for all my treasures tapes). It’s been a slow job because I have to mark them as I go or I … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Originally posted on Michele D'Acosta:
The Peace Project, an international social movement that I work with in Sierra Leone, changed this man’s life by giving him a pair of crutches. I took this photograph in May 2012 during one…

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How — Haiku

How to overcome Broken promises and pain? Slowly step along.

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Night Owl Mode

This so sounds like me!

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Earthscapes’ Beauty

This is a photo of my new Forever stamps purchase. When I go to the Post Office I always ask to see what stamps are available because I figure if I’m paying for them I may as well get something … Continue reading

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My blogging friend Susan who lives in Africa has a kitten that looks like Lola.  If you doubt me, check out her blog and search for Lola’s long-lost twin Pixels. Blogging can be fun, but it’s work too.  Sometimes it’s … Continue reading

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