Lola looks like Susan's kitten Pixels at

Lola looks like Susan’s kitten Pixels at

My blogging friend Susan who lives in Africa has a kitten that looks like Lola.  If you doubt me, check out her blog and search for Lola’s long-lost twin Pixels.

Blogging can be fun, but it’s work too.  Sometimes it’s very difficult to think of something to write unless you happen to be one of those really creative people.  (I hate, envy am awed by y’all.)  Can you imagine giving someone 3 words and them conjuring up something in 5 minutes, and having it make sense?  Don’t get me wrong I can conjure up stuff, but can’t guarantee it’ll make any sense.  That’s why I often write my poetry lying in bed in the middle of the night because my muse often hides from me.  And then there are times when I feel inspired and can’t get an internet connection.  At the moment I’m here at my son and daughter-in-law’s apartment and little Lola thinks I should share my chair with her!

I’d been planning on getting a photo of Lola for sometime, but never got around to it; so today I asked my son if he’d take one and email it to me.  Then, when I couldn’t download the photo, I wound up over here and Lola and I are now playing musical chairs while I write this blog entry.

As I said, blogging is fun but also work.  You get to make friends with people throughout the world and here’s hoping you and I get the chance to meet some of them someday.  So, Write On, my blogging friends.   Onward…

About sandrabranum

I'm a philosopher, dreamer, poet, writer -- not necessarily in that order -- and I get to write it all down and share it with the world thanks to the Wonderful World Wide Web!
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4 Responses to Twins?

  1. Barbara Gambill says:

    Bernie likes Cats? I got a few I can send him.

    • sandrabranum says:

      I think it’s more Alexa. I lost count how many they’ve had since getting married. They even got some kittens from Jo, but later gave them away. At present they have 2: little Lola and a black male named Loki.

  2. I keep a notebook near at all times, one in my coat and one by the bed because, like you, I wake with the muse (even if briefly) or feel I need to record something I dreamt. I check the notes every now and then and find some surpisingly inteligent ideas or poems (and some really wierd ones!). I am delighted with blogging, i put off starting one for ages due to technophobia but I am so glad I did as there are some wonderfully pleasant and talented individuals here (like yourself). I have discovered so much impressive writing in a myriad of styles, fantastic! Keep smiling and keep writing, pal, kindest regards to you and your family, Baldy 🙂

    • sandrabranum says:

      I know what you mean. I doubt I would ever have started blogging if I hadn’t started getting those damn eye shots for “wet” AMD. Now almost 3 years later and I can’t stand the thought of another shot, but the fear of vision loss and losing my independence drive me onward. Thank God I can “whine” about it in my blog. 🙂 😉

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