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My Slice Of Heaven

 (Photoes courtesy of Alexa Branum) Seagulls swooping overhead and wet sand between my toes reminds me why I love this place. Walking in quiet solitude, remembering happy times brings me such peace and joy. I would return more often if … Continue reading

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Yes Virginia, I Can Drive At Night

Tuesday night (Dec. 16) was a very scary night for me and my family.  My wonderful daughter-in-law, Alexa had visited a friend and was driving home when she hit a log in the road on N231 between Midland City, AL … Continue reading

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Embracing Winter

I love the crunch of the withered leaves And all their colors That brighten the dark gray days As the cold wind billows What’s left of the leaves I haven’t crushed As my spirits soar To the sound of the leaves … Continue reading

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Giddy Up/Glory Days

  Oh how I miss those happy days.   Sis says it all started when I was 2 years old and someone came by the “house” (actually The Old Baptist Church building where we lived) with a pony and Mom & Dad … Continue reading

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Surf’s Up

Riding the waves with a board or not enjoying the freedom it brings. Oh what a glorious day to be here at the beach Riding out the big waves So next time you’re discouraged Find your own wave Whether real … Continue reading

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Epiphanies And Sightless Vision

Every once in a while The Universe decides to remind me of things that I tend to forget such as:  not giving in to fear caused by my slow vision loss from my finally officially diagnosed wet AMD (macular degeneration).  Sunday … Continue reading

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Earthscapes’ Beauty

This is a photo of my new Forever stamps purchase. When I go to the Post Office I always ask to see what stamps are available because I figure if I’m paying for them I may as well get something … Continue reading

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Rainy Daze

Sitting here listening to the rain wondering if I can go out and play No I’ll wait for the mud the water will surely create. Hurry rain.  I want the mud! Now years later and I’m still sitting here listening … Continue reading

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Cat & Dog

In the spirit of Halloween and the macabre, here is another poem for you to peruse. Dog & Cat Poor kitty cat — you fool. Did you not think I would eat you if you ventured into my pen?   I … Continue reading

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Climate Change

The climate wavers from cold to hot as seasons decide whether or not to change though change is inevitable the climate disagrees and hopes to spring right into winter from summer but falls like the failing leaves to hang onto … Continue reading

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