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With pen in hand I sit here and force these jumbled emotions onto paper. Pain, fear, dissapointment, despair still haunt me since the news of Bernard Jr. and Alexa’s marriage demise. Was it just them? Was it me? How could this … Continue reading

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True Friendship’s Price

True Friendship is priceless, you think, but if you look closely, you’ll realize that’s not so… Take my childhood friend, Barb Gambill (The Gad About) and me. Our friendship has lasted over 55 years; through long term separations (this last … Continue reading

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Illness Plight

Listen my friends and you will hear the plight of the chronically ill Where simple tasks become a chore and depression lurks behind every door Open a door we hear you say but our poor fingers disobey Twist around to … Continue reading

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This poem is dedicated to my childhood BFF, Barbara (The Gad About) Gamble who lost her trailer this week to a fire.  Love you, my friend.  Sandy Endurance Fire guts the trailer But we’re ok. We had planned to move … Continue reading

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Through the ages you put your life on the line for what you believed. Maybe you came home intact or maybe you didn’t. But today your sacrifices are remembered and we say “Thanks” to you.

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Little Miss Moody

Little Miss Moody, how do you do? You asked the doctor for help with your view askew. Are the pills helping? It’s too soon to tell For you spend your time sleeping Oblivious to all.

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Pill Brigade

Pill bottles align my dresser Ready to do battle With what ails me The doctor says It must be so Or my ails will win But he doesn’t tell me how To squeeze All these little chronic soldiers Into my … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown

 Banner courtesy of Classic Film Lovers’ Haven   Hold the cross up to keep The Government vampires away Be brave “They” say for it’s not our fault this heinous thing has happened Open the door or window and let us … Continue reading

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We sat before the TV Glued to the horror Displayed before us Over and over The same heart wrenching scene As the Twin Towers fell Over and over Again and again Tears streamed down our faces As terror engulfed This … Continue reading

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Why WiFi, Why?

Well here I am struggling to access the Internet with my new computer and the old WIFI.  Alexa (my daughter-in-law) thinks that I should stop struggling with this connection and get my own.  If I weren’t so worried about money I … Continue reading

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