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Dreams vs Reality

Once upon a time I had a dream to become a great writer; to have a movie that I had written screened in theaters every where; to be immortal. (Yes I know, but we all have dreams and let’s face … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy At Work

I hope y’all will give me a cyber pat on the back because I finally finished the requested Social Security disability paperwork. It was quite difficult for me because I just couldn’t find a way to truthfully say, I sit on … Continue reading

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Wrecking Ball

Shards of broken memories scatter the ground like rubble as the wrecking ball swipes against the old church building. I should not have come, but was drawn to the devastation like a moth to a flame. I stand here watching … Continue reading

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If At First…

How do you define success and failure? If you fail at something, do you try again; or rethink the problem and start over; or just give up? We were denied guaranteed USDA funding on our dream home and I was … Continue reading

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The Dream Lives On

http://m.realtor.com/#propertygallery?listing_id=570869155&mortgage_data=true&indx=0 Our Dream House It’s been pretty hectic since we viewed our dream home January 15th. I hope the link I posted for the photos works because I do want to share our excitement with you. The realtor was very … Continue reading

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Kick Start Your Dreams.. Maybe

I was perusing Facebook today and saw the big news of the day (or so it seems) potato salad or should I say the making of it, is being funded by Kickstarter! Now the question is: Whom is the joke … Continue reading

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It’s Salt Lake City, Baby

Who could resist these wonderful guys? Not I! And so I humbly declare, I’m going to Salt Lake City Comic Con! I don’t know if I’ll be going alone or with my son, Bernie, so I haven’t made plane reservations … Continue reading

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