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Fear, You Suck!

I haven’t blogged in months. I’ve begun, but never finished. I guess it’s just hurt too much. You see, Sis told me months ago that she has cataracts and macular degeneration in both eyes! She saw a retinalogist who said … Continue reading

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Pain? Yes, Dangit.

It’s been over a week since I had my disability eye exam and I’m still feeling it. My eyes now feel strained all the time and no matter what I do the only time they feel alright is when I’m … Continue reading

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Cherish The Mundane

I know you’re thinking, “What a strange title?” but to those of us with limited vision or a chronic debilitating disease, this title makes perfect sense. So many of us have to struggle to accomplish simple tasks like buttoning a shirt … Continue reading

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Hanging Around

I’m just hanging around: Observing Life as it passes by… Watching and listening to the laughter And Cries Wondering if the sounds I hear Are mine or someone else’s And what of what I see Inside and Out… Are these … Continue reading

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Illness Plight

Listen my friends and you will hear the plight of the chronically ill Where simple tasks become a chore and depression lurks behind every door Open a door we hear you say but our poor fingers disobey Twist around to … Continue reading

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Simple Joys

Happy memories flood my thoughts as I sit in my car awaiting my laundry to finish. Why does this evoke happy memories, you ask? Because I choose to make it so. What is the point of dreading such things when … Continue reading

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It’s Time

I must get out of my comfort zone and reopen myself to The World But it’s so difficult to do this as I snuggle here on the couch Further and further into myself I retreat not knowing if I will … Continue reading

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