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Feelings of sorrow disconnect me from family and friends. Guilt and remorse haunt me from my time in Kuwait. Will I ever learn to thrive after all this pain and heartache? Can you hear my cry?

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Who Gets What?

Who gets the happy memories during marriage dissolution? Who gets the pain and tears? Who can smile through the ascending chaos and hope Love will rebloom? Who finds solice in being childless if such a thing can be true? Who … Continue reading

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Too Close? Hmm…

When Dad died in 1995, Bernard Jr and I saw a counselor because my son was so hurt and angry at Dad for deserting him, and just couldn’t “process” all his conflicting emotions. The sessions were difficult to schedule and … Continue reading

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With pen in hand I sit here and force these jumbled emotions onto paper. Pain, fear, dissapointment, despair still haunt me since the news of Bernard Jr.¬†and Alexa’s marriage demise. Was it just them? Was it me? How could this … Continue reading

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I sit and stare at blank paper or empty computer screen trying to create words  out of jumbled feelings engulfing me. Sometimes I manage  to accomplish my goals of word and image creation. Other days are spent  languishing away the … Continue reading

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Get Ready To Talk

Sis called me last week to tell me that my niece wanted to know about macular degeneration since she’s gonna be heading down that dang path too and had questions; so Sis gave her my phone number and was calling … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

With tears I put these jumbled thoughts to paper Trying to decide what to share with friends and family For I do not wish to hurt or worry them as the feelings and dark memories flow Perhaps it is just … Continue reading

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