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Fear, You Suck!

I haven’t blogged in months. I’ve begun, but never finished. I guess it’s just hurt too much. You see, Sis told me months ago that she has cataracts and macular degeneration in both eyes! She saw a retinalogist who said … Continue reading

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Would I If I Could?

I’ve been reflecting on my Life Choices lately; wondering if I would change things if I could, and my answer is YES! I’d keep my eyes intact (take that macular degeneration), and all my family would be living down South, … Continue reading

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Yes Virginia, I Done Good

There are times in life when we all have doubts, and no one really can predict when that will happen. They can be little, like whether or not it will rain or catastrophic, like whether or not our sons and … Continue reading

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The Circle Completes

Oh my Little Love Take my arm and guide me as you did Grandma so long ago For the time has come when I need your love and acceptance of what our futures hold We cannot escape it no matter … Continue reading

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Reality Check Please!

Reality Check Please! How often have we wished thinking or muttering those words would make everything better (or at least make us believe it was possible). I’ve been lethargic since my ex-husband died July 22 (9 days before my birthday). I … Continue reading

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Tick Tick Tick

I hear the clock’s heart beat That rhythmic ticking sound Conveys to me That I am not alone Once there was a time Not so long ago When the sound annoyed me But those days are gone For now I … Continue reading

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Cherish The Mundane

I know you’re thinking, “What a strange title?” but to those of us with limited vision or a chronic debilitating disease, this title makes perfect sense. So many of us have to struggle to accomplish simple tasks like buttoning a shirt … Continue reading

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