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Thank You

Thank you so much for liking and reading my blog. I wish I could personally thank each of you, but my limited vision just won’t allow it. It somehow seemed appropriate to choose Labor Day for this post. So many … Continue reading

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Family, Oy Vey

My son is finally getting divorced, and oh the memories that are haunting me… memories of my divorce, and Sis’. Memories of my aunt speaking to her grandchildren from across the street; not being allowed to kiss them or touch … Continue reading

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Sanctuary Or Cage

Locked away in this chosen room I find peace and sanctuary Outside I hear the roar of motorcycles and sirens some children playing too But here inside I embrace my solitude unless I decide to venture out and change it

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If At First…

How do you define success and failure? If you fail at something, do you try again; or rethink the problem and start over; or just give up? We were denied guaranteed USDA funding on our dream home and I was … Continue reading

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One Sip, Two Sip, Three

A sip of wine to help me sleep But still the sleep eludes me Once a sip would do the trick But those days are forever gone Now my dilemma Is to continue the sips Or just wait for sleep … Continue reading

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