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Sanctuary Or Cage

Locked away in this chosen room I find peace and sanctuary Outside I hear the roar of motorcycles and sirens some children playing too But here inside I embrace my solitude unless I decide to venture out and change it

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My Slice Of Heaven

 (Photoes courtesy of Alexa Branum) Seagulls swooping overhead and wet sand between my toes reminds me why I love this place. Walking in quiet solitude, remembering happy times brings me such peace and joy. I would return more often if … Continue reading

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Tick Tick Tick

I hear the clock’s heart beat That rhythmic ticking sound Conveys to me That I am not alone Once there was a time Not so long ago When the sound annoyed me But those days are gone For now I … Continue reading

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With Pen In Hand

With pen in hand I sit and wait Wondering what images The Muse will deliver.   Some are bleak And pain me so But I write them anyway.   For in doing so Releases me from Demons I may not … Continue reading

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Heart And Mind

Who are you? I said one day expecting a reply. Who knows? was my heart’s answer to the gnawing question clanging in my head. And how do I find out? I asked myself. And LIVE! was my reply.

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Live Life

Motivation eludes me for whatever reasons or excuses But I must set my goals and persevere no matter the cost For to do less is just waiting for Death And I would rather live while Death sneaks upon me instead of … Continue reading

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We look at the news And get depressed Wondering about the future But faith Pulls us through To another day As the cycle starts again Over and over This goes on Until we are no more And we leave ourselves … Continue reading

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