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Force Full

Force yourself to go outside although you don’t want to We know you’re not hiding away We realize you just don’t want to But you must or you will wilt away just like the flower on the vine.

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Our differences drive a wedge between us But isn’t it enough to know we realize this and can work and bridge accordingly?

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Stroke Exhibit

People pass me as I stare into space unable to move my head — let alone speak. I wordlessly pray for God’s grace and intervention as more people pass. Finally, in desperation, I succumb to the blackness enveloping my face… … Continue reading

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Ted’s Montana Grill

Ted’s Montana Grill is celebrating 10 years of good (expensive) food.  The one located in Tallahassee, FL is the only one I’ve visited; so I can’t say anything about the other locations.  Ted’s in Tallahassee (sounds like a new restaurant … Continue reading

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