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Don’t Touch My Hair!

I promised y’all I would blog about why I don’t like my hair touched, and decided today’s a good day to do it since I’m reminiscing again.  You see my maternal Aunt Ginnie was a beautician.  When Sis and I were … Continue reading

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Help Any Way You Can

Help comes in all sizes and shapes.  Rich philanthropists donate money, and some even do more than that by giving their time to help others:  dishing out food for the homeless, building homes like President Jimmy Carter does…  My wonderful … Continue reading

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Dad’s Hat

Black fedora graces head Back and forth it slides about And messes up my hair.

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Are we different you and I? I think not. Your skin is brown and so is mine, but mine are called freckles. Your hair is kinky, but mine is too when it’s permed. You laugh and joke as do I. … Continue reading

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