Packing Chaos


Oh say can you clear
This chaos for me
This mess I have made
In the name of “Moving”
Would be simple you see
If I were compulsive

I could just take charge
And go go go until I was done

No bookcases or furniture
Would stand in my way
Not today or any day

But alas that’s not me
So today I WILL be
Doing it My Way
As always…

(This poem was inspired by my shoving the bookcase — with my butt –
to make room for the box and black plastic tote seen in the photo. Whatever works, right?)

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Harry Potter, Where Are You?

Gee I wish I had a magic wand to help me with my woes.
How I’d love to waive it round
and improve my soul.
I can see it now…
All strife would be gone
And my boxes packed
And, if my magic strong enough
maybe even moved.

But alas I have just me
to get all this stuff done.
So get up off your arse dear girl
There’s packing and moving to be done!

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Jewelry Box I Found You!


It’s been over 2 years since I saw all my jewelry box together. I’ve been called a “pack rat” or worse and I suppose it’s true. My only defense is to confess that I’m really a sentimental romantic and my “treasures” are priceless to me.

When my son and I first moved to the Dothan, AL area so long ago (winter 2005) we left most of our furniture back in storage. It took quite awhile for me to “let go” of it because I felt I was deserting my cherished memories. I realize now that was silly, but don’t we all get that way from time to time?

Anyway to get back to the jewelry box: The last time I had seen it intact was Sept 2010 when I retrieved the gold chain I had given to Mom when I returned from my very first Washington, DC trip courtesy of OSHA – St. Louis.

About that time Bernie Jr was falling in love with his beautiful soon to be wife, Alexa. Somehow when he moved out the jewelry box lid wound up in my bedroom, but the bottom was lost.

I discovered the bottom one day while moving around my treasures here in my apartment in Ozark (only 3 years later), but by then the top was “lost in my space”.

Well last night both pieces were reunited because: I’m moving again! This time the move is to a 2 bedroom apt with its own washer and dryer and a pool on the premises. Yes, the packing is stressful and the move scary, but it will be quieter: Dale County Deputies live in the complex. So yell and scream all you want nosey, noisy neighbors cause moi’ is gonna be Long Gone with my “old” handmade jewelry box intact! (I’ve only had it at least 50 years or longer.) it’s hard to remember when you reach that Geriatric Hippy Stage. Onward …

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April 15 Countdown

T minus 4 and counting! That’s the movie Jargon used for announcing lift off, but does it really work for counting down to the day the IRS picks our pockets?

I wasn’t motivatedsmart enough to sit my butt down 2 months ago and tally or even look at my receipts for last year; so here it is April 11 and today I got to mosey to the library to get a form because I don’t have wifi so I can’t download anything!Forgive my whining because I know it’s my fault. (That’s what a lack of motivation will do for you.)

Anyway I’ve been so “smart” these days that I neglected to write down the form number; sooo when I tried to search I couldn’t find what I needed. (Like I said, I have really been out of it lately.) Hopefully that will soon change because in less than 2 weeks I WILL have wifi … and be living in a new apt. Perhaps getting away from all the unrest here in this apt complex will help me get back on track. Catch ya later Readers!

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Dang Rain

Happy Friday y’all. Thunder outside. Bickering next door. I know better than to ask what next because I really don’t want to find out.

Had planned to go to a one day festival here in Ozark, AL being held on April 5, but there’s no sense in getting the car from Alexa if I can’t drive it and she works that day so she can’t take me. She just started Manager Training which means longer hours and more responsibility. I’m really proud if her, especially when she brings me goodies from work…

I recently read an internet article regarding macular degeneration which mentioned that isolation is a major cause of depression. Now I understand why Mom chain smoked.

Once I finally get my income tax finished I’m going to set aside traveling money even if it means traveling by bus! Onward…

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Lemonade Time

Life has been a bit unpleasant lately, but I’m still trudging along; perhaps a bit more slowly, but…

The Kids are keeping my car because Alexa has a job working at Taco Bell in Ozark, AL and her schedule is very varied; so it’s just easier for her to keep my car. Unfortunately that means I’m on foot. Alexa’s been really great asking me if I need to go to the store, but some days it’s hard trying to get motivated when that little gold wagon’s not outside my door beckoning me to “come on!”

Meanwhile my frustration grows as my wifi or lack thereof increases. It will cost me about $150 just to set wifi up here in the apt and I have to sign a year contract! Of course that’s still cheaper than moving; just wish I knew how The Kids got away with not having to sign a contract.

Meanwhile The Bickersons (next door) have been trying (but not succeeding) to be quiet. The guy got kicked out, but bickering continued with her and whoever else was around. Today she approached me on the sidewalk and told me that she’s been trying to be quiet. I told her the key word was “trying” and she wasn’t doing a very good job. She asked me what I meant, and I told her I hear how she talks to her (3 year old) daughter. Then right in front of the child she says: “I’ve never said I hate you. I wish you’d never been born.”

My reply: “Lady I don’t even want to talk to you. Just get you butt back down the sidewalk!”

And how is Your day? Onward…

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Hanging Around

I’m just hanging around:
Observing Life as it passes by…
Watching and listening to the laughter
And Cries
Wondering if the sounds I hear
Are mine or someone else’s

And what of what I see
Inside and Out…
Are these sights real
Or imagined

Ah Life you are
A mystery that
Will never be survived.

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