Police officer buys mom a car seat instead of giving her a ticket


Yes, the world is filled with angels. Are you one?

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cop buys car seat

EMMETT TOWNSHIP, Mich.–A Michigan police officer turned a traffic stop into an act of compassion.  Now he’s getting a lot of attention.

When he was called to respond to a report of a child in car without a car seat, he met young mom Alexis DeLorenzo and her 5-year-old daughter.

“When I spoke to [DeLorenzo] she was very forthcoming and knew that the child should be in a booster seat,” Officer Hall told FOX 17 News. “She admitted that she was wrong and that she had recently fallen on hard times.”

Instead of ticketing her, Hall told DeLorenzo to meet him at a nearby Walmart so he could buy her a booster seat.

Officer Hall says a ticket wouldn’t have solved the problem and that buying the seat was the easier $50 he’s ever spent.

“It’s something that anybody in the same position, in our position would do…I in no…

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Drifting Kites and Suicide


Some things are just meant to be shared…

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This eloquent post was written by Bollywood actress Twinkle Khanna, in India’s DNA newspaper. I am shamelessly stealing it and recording it here. Some day I will share this with my own kids. But for now, I am sharing this with my other family – you guys. The article expresses a mother’s thoughts on suicide. Read on, and leave your comments below.

10 am: I’m enjoying Sunday breakfast with the whole family. My in-laws always put enough food on the table to feed half of Amritsar. We’re digging into aloo parathas with home-made ghee and as I am despairing at the horrific number of calories being consumed, the phone rings and we get some terrible news. A family friend has lost her young son. The young man, in his early 20s, went to America to attend a friend’s wedding, left a suicide note on Facebook and killed himself before anyone…

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Days And Nights

Days and nights
You switch again

Why must this be so?
Have you no clue
The pain you cause
From all of this disruption?

I have shopping to do
When daylight comes

But by that time
I’ll just wish to lie in bed

And another day of light
Will have been
Wasted upon me

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It’s Mental Illness Awareness Week!


Perhaps more will seek help if they know they’re not alone.

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Mental Illness Awareness Week – October 5, 2014 – October 11, 2014

DID YOU KNOW….14 years ago Congress designated the first full week of October as Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW)? This was done to recognize the National Alliance on Mental Illness’s effort in raising awareness of mental health.

Mental illness does not discriminate; it can affect ANYONE, ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME. Knowing the signs and symptoms of mental illnesses will help keep you and your loved ones safe, happy, and healthy.

“Mental illness is a medical condition that disrupts a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, ability to relate to others and daily functioning.” (NAMI) Mental health disorders can be any of the following (for more information, click on the disorder of interest):

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Rain, Really?

The rain outside stresses me so
As I ponder its cause and effect
If I weren’t going anywhere
Its inconvenience
I would not regret

But alas
This today
Is not the case
For my doctor
Does await

And without a driver
I will thus be late
Or worse still
Never to arrive at all

So do I cancel
Or just wait
To see if it will dissipate

Meanwhile the clock
Just ticks away
As rain blankets the ground
And my spirits

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Facebook drives me crazy


To FB or not to FB…

Originally posted on 50 Shades of me:

I went on facebook this morning
To check my mail and say hello
When I spotted on my newsfeed
Stuff that I don’t need to know

Like how you can’t stop sneezing
Or your sinuses are killing
That you got a pile of ironing
And your washing machine needs filling

I don’t need to know what your doing
Every minute of the day
I don’t care that it’s still raining
Or your appointments running late

Or about all of your relationships
Or when your slagging off your mates
Or of all the friend requests you’ve sent
To those in reality, you hate

And what’s with the crying faces
You post for attention on your updates
That you have no intention of answering
When questioned by your mates

And stop sending me those damn requests
For those stupid facebook games
And I’m pretty sure I can live without
Not knowing my…

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In silent storms – 2014


Sometimes “being strong” just isn’t enough.

Originally posted on 50 Shades of me:

I’ve got an exploding energy
And I keep pacing the floor
My head is screaming, nothings clear
My anxiety starts to soar

Electricity is running through me
This energy is so intense
I want to scream my head off
And nothing’s making sense

It’s more of an aching sadness
Than depression that I feel
Confused in mind and in heart
That nothing seems to heal

Candles flicker causing shadows
And I imagine someone there
I want to go over for a hug
But it’s just an empty chair

And so I sit in silent storms
My sanity, a trick of the light
My music playing in the background
Will get me through another night

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