Grand Schemes

This poem is dedicated to The Rollo Family.

Grand Schemes

Grand Schemes are sometimes answers

to questions

we may not know we have

Or an answer to a silent


we may not realize we’ve said

It’s sometimes hard

to look through

the pain and tears

of Life’s terminal journey

But here’s hoping

when you finally


You’ll find some comfort

from your loss

in that

Grand Scheme View.

—Sandra Branum 2014

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Oh Pepto, How I Love Ya

Today was a day I won’t soon forget; especially since I’m still feeling the affects so to speak. Today my son drove me to Taco Bell and I got a taco salad. Now it’s almost 8 hours later and I’m still running, but I won’t say where to…

I used to love taco salads, but I guess those days are gone forever unless I can buy one with real meat and not rice filler. When I spoke to Alexa about it (while Bernie was out buying me Pepto Bismol because I had grown desperate), she told me that rice has been part of Taco Bell’s taco salad for awhile. I’m not going to argue that, but seem to recall meat and beans– not maybe 1 tablespoon of each! Perhaps it would not have been so noticeable if I had sour cream on mine, but I never order it because I don’t like it.

She told me I should complain. Perhaps I will tomorrow once the Pepto has worked its magic. Meanwhile I’m so glad to be across the hall from the bathroom!

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Pandora’s Box


It’s so easy to fall back into the trap IF you’re not strong enough to keep away…

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eye watching violence

We took a walk to sort out things

He held my hand and it flooded memories

He spoke, I listened and I saw it all

This gift he offered, good and bad.

His lips they moved, and I was lost in a trance

To go back as before, akin a U-turn

Every step backwards, the hurt inflicted deep.

Salt to wounds, tampering heart pieces, yet I absolved.

Red lights flashed, and I simply ignored.

I found myself trapped in a tinderbox

He who broke me, promised to change.

I grabbed hold of Pandora’s box,

To relive sadly, the horrors once put to sleep.

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“The Lotus of Fire” in createspace, kindle


CreateSpace gets more popular…

Originally posted on "Black Mist and other stories":


Thanks Teagan for telling me about createspace, it is amazing!

Now why I love createspace?

I by mistake clicked their paid service and a lady named Laura contacted me, without creating a single fuss (when I told her that I dont have any money) she gave me a list of links that I followed and here is my book!

They give you doc/pdf formats – all you have to do is follow it- dont try any experiments, and remember if you have any picture its dpi should be above 300 (resolution). Then once it is done they give you a reviewer that spoonfeeds you about your slips and necessary correction.

They supply you covers- you have to open their online cover builder and choose or supply your own cover in their format.

They allow you six platforms including kindle for free.

They totally guide you as best as anyone can!…

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Stolen Innocence


One if the many reasons why communication is so important between parents and children .

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teddy-bearPerspective from daughter

She was just a little girl

But so worrisome, in pain

A secret to tell, about some happening

Someone had stolen a part of her.

Broken crayons on her bedroom floor

Less enthusiasm to cartoons on cable

It stabs her mind, replaying over and over

Mummy must know, yesterday was a nightmare

It felt funny down there

As she checked behind closed doors frequently

And she would cry a little as she remembered

That a boy, her friend

created unwanted melancholy.

Perspective from mother

Her behavior uncharacteristic,

Maybe she was just a little tired

From yesterday’s play date.

She carried on cooking but with uneasiness

It had been hours, her daughter still in bed

Over lunch she would try to make her feel better

Perhaps it was just one of those days.

She took off her apron and made her way upstairs

Cuddling up to her daughter very much concerned,

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$70 million amusement park proposed for Union Station


Hope the city can get the public unrest under control or there may be no tourists to see these proposed attractions.

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[ooyala code=”dmMjdwcTqK-EbE57EdXdttQ2x8RB4UcK” player_id=”c660b791c3704ff69d4162d7adb7c4a1″]ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A plan to build a $70 million amusement park at Union Station has been filed with the St. Louis TIF commission.

The document outlines what is called ‘phase two’ of the renovation of Union Station. Phase one was the $50 million renovation of the Grand Hall which was completed earlier this year. Union Station was bought in 2012 by Maryland Heights-based Lodging Hospitality Management. LHM is asking the city for an $18.5 million TIF to help fund phase two.

The amusement park would be spread over 26 acres, some of it under the old train shed and some of it inside the building. There are no drawings yet, but it will feature restaurants, retail and rides, including a 200 foot Ferris wheel with heated and air conditioned gondolas. Downtown STL Inc., sees the project as a way to make the city more family…

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Bla, Bla, Bla

Well here it is almost 2 months since I returned from Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. It’s been kind of rough for me since I can’t seem to shake these blah feelings. You know the kind I mean; the ones that keep making you think “What’s the point?”

Now I could just say it’s because of the time change or the temperature fluctuations, but it’s more than that… It’s this question down deep in my soul that keeps nagging me to just stay in bed and let the world pass me by because it’s easier and safer than going out in the crowd and getting tripped or trampled because I can’t move fast enough any more to dodge the throngs of drivers or shoppers scurrying along to McDonald’s or to purchase that unique item for Mr or Ms Wonderful.

Now I could lie and say it’s because of my eyes- the colors in the right one are now more like shades of gray, but it’s more than that, and I can’t explain it. I guess I’ll just have to force myself to get up and go somewhere even if I don’t want to. So what if it’s 6:30 AM and nothing except WalMart and gas stations are open. If it breaks this lost spirit it’s worth it. Onward…

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