Yes Virginia You Can Go Home Again…

What a weekend I’ve just had.  I finished connecting with old PWP (Parents Without Partners) Friends whom I’ve met and cherished since I first joined the organization in the early 1990’s.  My son was about 6 when I attended that first orientation so long ago that led me to join Belleville Chapter 559 of Parents Without Partners.  I can remember my fright as I ventured into the Cahokia (IL) Methodist Church to hear about this wonderful godsend — PWP.

PWP was founded in 1957 by 2 single parents living in New York City.  Lucky for us, they realized something needed to be done to help all the single parents struggling to raise their children: the feelings of isolation and confusion, and sometimes that overwhelming urge to just explode triggered by the struggle of doing everything alone — whether that’s really true or not. 

I can remember how nervous I was attending that first orientation.  I was told there was a dance the following Sat night, and was given information about that as well as information about the many educational and support programs this international organization offered.  I had first heard about PWP in 1970 when I worked with a single working mother.  She was always telling me about the organization and the different functions she and her children attended, but I never realized that some 20 years later I would be telling someone else about PWP and the many activities my son and I were attending.

It was good to reconnect with these people who had helped me keep my sanity and my young son safe from a tired, overwhelmed single working mother.  For one day I felt as if I had never left them — even though my son is now 25 years old (and I too am older). 

For all you single parents in Blogland, here is the website should you wish to learn more about this wonderful, international organization.

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2 Responses to Yes Virginia You Can Go Home Again…

  1. rumpydog says:

    It’s like everything else isn’t it- you get out of it what you put into it. My mom attended PWP when I was a kid, but she only used it as a free dating network and with little results.

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