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Night’s Silence

Oh the joy of the night silence The sense of quiet and solitude that abounds The chance to reflect And gather thoughts of whatever I wish Until the sun comes up To break the spell

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Help Me, Please!

Obi-Wan, how I need you now! I need your strength And Force Your calmness And enlightenment And how you motivate Your sense of self And willingness to sacrifice… So help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope!

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Life’s Rhythms

In the cool quiet of the night before the sounds of Life begin outside Dreams and memories dance to the rhythms of the breaths Which one leads is a question for another time And which will be remembered a more … Continue reading

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Oh to be young again and frolic like before. Ignorant of fear and pain and filled with constant joy. No cause to be filled with regret For none I’ve lived thus far Pure joy for possibilities and filled with strife … Continue reading

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The Future

The children are our future So how we treat them has bearing On our future Do we coddle them Or let them try And fail To learn how To handle Life And it’s thrown curves The children Are our future … Continue reading

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Open the door and take out the anger, frustration, rejection, fear And what ever else tortures your soul Deal with them one-by-one Yell, cry, rant until you can let them go — if only for awhile Then pack them up … Continue reading

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Muster Up

Dig deep to muster up the courage to face each day and not be discouraged. Dig deep for the demons and crucifyers await Tell yourself to show no fear though it overwhelms you You can get out of bed And … Continue reading

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Time Lapse

Even changing the linens is now a chore Due to ever increasing shadows And mobility issues galore Where once I moved with agility and grace Now body movements are slow and thoughtfully paced I will not name these age old … Continue reading

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The Gospel Of Judas

I’m not a religious person per se’, but I am spiritual.  Keep that in mind as you read this post right before Easter. Religious people will tell you that the “Gospel of Judas” is sacrilegious just like the musical Jesus Christ Superstar … Continue reading

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Life’s Ruts

The lines carved on our faces Hid by makeup And for some a knife Still cannot hide What we carry Inside For we bear the brunt Of our lives — Both good and bad And nothing we do Will change … Continue reading

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