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Write Again

My writing friend, J L Stratton has been writing daily haikus and (thanks to him) now I’m writing too. Check out his blog at http://www.jlstratton.com Thanks my writing friend for needed motivation Now I can write again

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Would I If I Could?

I’ve been reflecting on my Life Choices lately; wondering if I would change things if I could, and my answer is YES! I’d keep my eyes intact (take that macular degeneration), and all my family would be living down South, … Continue reading

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Get Ready To Talk

Sis called me last week to tell me that my niece wanted to know about macular degeneration since she’s gonna be heading down that dang path too and had questions; so Sis gave her my phone number and was calling … Continue reading

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A Little Dissension, Please

This is the card of a Census Agent who “visited” me when I didn’t fill out the Ozark Community Survey I received. To be fair, I received the mailed notice to go online and fill out the anonymous survey November, … Continue reading

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Hello World

It’s been quite awhile since I blogged. Every time I began, something would happen and I would stop. So many false starts and no finishes, and yet so much happened… That’s what happens in life… curves or barriers in the … Continue reading

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Reality Check Please!

Reality Check Please! How often have we wished thinking or muttering those words would make everything better (or at least make us believe it was possible). I’ve been lethargic since my ex-husband died July 22 (9 days before my birthday). I … Continue reading

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Such Is Life

I am taken aback by these jumbled feelings upon the news of Bernard Sr’s death. Where once I felt numb (or so I thought) tears and sobs prove otherwise. Happy and sad memories swirl around together creating more curious emotions, … Continue reading

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Tick Tick Tick

I hear the clock’s heart beat That rhythmic ticking sound Conveys to me That I am not alone Once there was a time Not so long ago When the sound annoyed me But those days are gone For now I … Continue reading

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Pain? Yes, Dangit.

It’s been over a week since I had my disability eye exam and I’m still feeling it. My eyes now feel strained all the time and no matter what I do the only time they feel alright is when I’m … Continue reading

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The Writer’s Life

Turmoiled days and nights  Foreign breakfast foods: White Castles? This is the writer’s life.   My White Castles. —————————————————— Write, redact, reread Headache pain and eye strain As you dredge your brain   

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