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Money Makes The World Go Round

I usually don’t get involved in politics, but have been reading about the sequester and the FaceBook comments regarding it.  Well today I got a major surprise regarding the Goverment and IRS forms.  You see, back in February — right … Continue reading

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Spam Me, Please

Things are progressing slowly for my blog and me, but that’s ok because I want to create a cyber presence that will be remembered.  How do I keep track of the progress, you ask?  It’s very simple:  I gauge the … Continue reading

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The Newsroom And Politics

I don’t normally write about politics, but the new HBO series The Newsroom has me thinking about our recent history and just what politics entails.  The show was created by Aaron Sorkin of The West Wing fame.  I never watched … Continue reading

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Where’s the Moon Rocks?

Christopher “Kit” Bond accidentally confiscated Missouri’s Apollo 17 Moon Rock when he left the Governor’s Office on his way to the US Senate.  In December, 2010 while packing up his Senate office the 5 million dollar rock was discovered.  Can … Continue reading

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Mistake or Planned “Accident”?

Movie stars have been using this tactic since who knows when, but today Senator Michael Bennet “accidentally” had his microphone on when he whispered: “It’s all rigged.  The whole conversation is rigged.”  Filibusters have been an integral part of the … Continue reading

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