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It’s Time

I must get out of my comfort zone and reopen myself to The World But it’s so difficult to do this as I snuggle here on the couch Further and further into myself I retreat not knowing if I will … Continue reading

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Year 3

Fall has always been a rough time for me ever since Mom died in 2002.  Add to that my new dysfunctional neighbors and you have what I will refer to as a very maudlin mix.  I began this blog 3 … Continue reading

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Help Me, Please!

Obi-Wan, how I need you now! I need your strength And Force Your calmness And enlightenment And how you motivate Your sense of self And willingness to sacrifice… So help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope!

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Flush It

I hear the glub glub of the toilet and think about my life. How I wish I could just  flush away the fear and unrequited dreams And watch the pain circle and disappear never to be seen again. I hear the glub glub again … Continue reading

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Be Gone!

Frustration Trepidation And what if fears Tumble inside my head These annoying scenarios Cause much grief and pain Pain for The Freedom I’ve lost Grief for the hesitation And false prison it evokes For to break this cycle I must … Continue reading

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The Road

Where will we go Along Life’s road Do we follow the curves Or turn off Is the road rough Or smooth And does it really matter Will the ride bring us Joy or pain And are we brave enough To … Continue reading

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Prayers & Descisions

My son, Bernie Jr, has given me permission to write more blogs about him and this one was inspired by the happy news of another pregnancy (my cousin) in our family… I married late in life (34).  Actually there were … Continue reading

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